Phone features now possible on jailbroken iPad

Jailbreak is something we don’t often talk about on this site, in large because there are no writers here who use it. It involves hacking your iDevice in order to run software that isn’t approved by Apple, and in many ways it makes it more Android-like. A hew hack in the jailbreaking community now allows the iPad 3G to use phone features, more specifically calling and SMS. We’re not talking Skype or text based IM here, but actual calling and texting. Personally I very rarely use the phone functionality on my iPhone and I treat it more like a miniature iPad, so I can definitely see someone switching out their entire dual device setup for this if they’re the same way.

Since this does give you full phone functionality, you need a SIM card that is designed for voice and texting rather than just data. Other than that, the hack uses the same MicroSIM that the iPad 3G normally uses. As for the downsides, it only works on the iPad 1, it doesn’t support Bluetooth headsets and there is no MMS functionality. It should still work with wired headsets though, so you’re not required to hold the iPad like a phone to use it.

[iPhoneIslam via Engadget]

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2 thoughts on “Phone features now possible on jailbroken iPad

  • Does lastest iPad still worth to buy? Should I wait for i-Pad 3? I need 3G but I read news that reported that 3G support will discontinue by Verizon.

    • There’s a chance there will be a new ipad in a month or two and there’s a chance there wont be one for another 8-9 months. In my experience, it’s more annoying to have waited invain than to have bought something that is quickly outdated, but your mileage might vary. An iPad 2 will have a rather high resell price even when the iPad 3 is out though, so it might be less of a chance to take than you think


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