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Reader ROM Picks: MikG v2.00 for HTC EVO 4G

Reader ROM Picks is a regular series that showcases G&E readers’ favorite HTC EVO custom ROMs.

Mikg-v2 This ROM pick was sent in by Richard Levy.

A few months ago, MikFroyo by aamikam was featured in a G&E Reader ROM Pick and today this awesome developer’s work is back in the spotlight.

MikG v2.00 is a new Gingerbread-based custom ROM for the HTC EVO 4G with lots of additional themes and options ready for download. The ROM is built around the latest OTA update for the EVO Shift 4G, which aamikam has odexed and worked his magic on. He says that it’s “probably the most complete Sense 2.1 + Sense 3.0 ROM” out there right now, and I think he’s right. It’s amazing! Some of the goodies include A2SD support, elements from HTC Sense 3.0 (lock screen, task manager, and weather), increased battery efficiency, better memory management, and a whole load of other tweaks. All the Sprint bloatware has been removed, of course, but it can be reinstalled if you want it back.

One of the great things about MikG (and aamikam‘s other ROMs) is that everything works as long as you follow the detailed directions. Even better is the community support offered at his site; everyone is fun, refreshing, and very helpful. His ROMs are generally so stable and trouble free that you will find more casual bantering on off-topic subjects than people ranting about what doesn’t work and what needs to be improved.

Download & Discussion:

Awesome custom Mik boot screen shown above created by themaha.

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