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Reader ROM Picks: VaelPak 4 preview v0.2

Reader ROM Picks is a regular series that showcases G&E readers’ favorite HTC EVO custom ROMs.

GB-1This ROM pick was sent in by MildlyDisturbed.

HTC EVO 4G dev Vaelek, the man behind the popular VaelPak ROM, has been working hard cooking up an AOSP Gingerbread-based ROM called VaelPak 4. Currently there’s an alpha preview labeled 0.2, which for the most part is intended as a testing build; however, this thing is already so awesome that it’s been my daily driver since first installing it.

It does present a couple of minor issues, but what ROM doesn’t?

An interesting part about VaelPak 4 for me is the development process. Those who have played with the Almost Sense-less Vaelpak 3.x series know that most problems were squashed or patched instantly by a one-man development tornado. Now, with the Gingerbread update, there’s a real-time progress spreadsheet you can see what’s being worked on and what’s important. It’s a unique look behind the scenes that also keeps you updated on what’s going on so you don’t have to bug Vaelek with questions about when something is going to be added or fixed.

GB-3 GB-5

The stock image is fairly clean, looks great, functions smoothly, and has DarkTremor’s A2SD built in so that if your SD card is partitioned, it works right out of the box. The Bluetooth stack works with Wiimotes, so if you feel like grabbing a copy of WiiMote Controller and emulators, which you will have to search for since Google recently removed most of them from the Market, you can play a copy of Super Mario Brothers, which you probably remember from purchasing it for the Nintendo, the Wii, and other places, right?

Vaelek’s Gingerbread is snappy, stable, and on the fast track to being a customization monster. If you’re interested in seeing what you’ll be running in a month or so, it’s there, and it’s pretty darned good. You can also join the contribution fund to get him an EVO 3d, but that’s for another time.

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Reader ROM Picks is a regular series that showcases G&E readers’ favorite HTC EVO custom ROMs.

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16 thoughts on “Reader ROM Picks: VaelPak 4 preview v0.2

  • Avatar of eli (skeptical_1)

    +1 I have been running this rom for about 3 weeks now. My phone has never been this fast and smooth not to mention better battery life. I haven’t found anything that doesnt work on this. Just when I thought VP couldn’t get better it does by ten fold

  • I *think* he packages Go Launcher with it… not sure if that is it or not… I installed this ROM and went to flippin’ town with my customization and now I have forgotten :(

    Go Launcher is on the phone though

  • Avatar of bradleyw801

    4G works? How about GPS? Any comments would be great. Thanks!

  • 4g works perfect as far as I can tell
    GPS works for me (generally 3-4 seconds to get a fine-location lock), I had done the ##gpsctl# or whatever several roms before so do not know if it requires it or not.
    Compass works
    AOSP camera app works both cameras
    No reboots on my phone so far
    DTA2sd support

    low battery drain for me

    What I have seen in the forums – some people have a GPS isue, one guy has high battery drain, a couple of misc apps misbehave.
    And as for me, somehow one file refuses to function – I seem to be one of two people who have/had the issue… going to reinstall tonight.

    It’s a good rom… the type you bring home to mother

  • also am sitting at home right now on wired tether using 4g – all built into the rom getting 7.61 down 1.06 up

  • Thank you for the reply earlier.

    My understanding is the old Sense dialer GPS trick is no longer necessary since this & many other ROMs include the updated GPS drivers from the official EVO GB release.

    For the record, 4G & wired/wireless tether have been built into many GB ROMS for some time. Not that V4 isn’t a good ROM – the bug tracker doc is a nice touch.

  • Avatar of bradleyw801


    Thanks! That was very detailed. I might have to give this one a try. My favorite rom was Ultimate Droid, but it seems that something happened to the developer. Rumor is that it was something to do with the tornadoes. I hope he is ok, but he has been completely MIA since. Maybe Cyanogen and his friends put a hit out on him. ;)

    Anyway, I have been using CM7 and it’s just not what I am looking for. Lots of random reboots, stops responding, just buggy all around for me.

    This could be the AOSP alternative I am looking for.

  • Everything works great with this ROM (just like it did with 3.2RC2). Anyone with a rooted EVO should check out VaelPak. Try the new AOSP v.2 with a SZ kernel undervolted with the vipermod tweaks and your phone’s battery will last forever and it still will be snappy. Bring your questions to the VP forums and they will be answered quickly. There are many knowledgeable folks in there who are happy to help. See you there!

  • Avatar of SemperFratres

    Vaelpak ASOP GB preview 0.2 has SZ 2.2.1 kernel baked in. Coming in the next preview build will be UV scripts so flashing them will be unnecessary.

    There is currently settings for your governor and CPU settings, so you don’t need other CPU managers.

    There are two GPS drivers for download if the one baked in isn’t working for you. The driver baked in works for some and not or others, but flashing the alternate corrects this problem.

    In the works,and possibly in the next preview, is a theme builder, similar to the one in VaelPak 3.2 RC2.

    The real-time spreadsheet isn’t only what we can see that is fixed for the next build or coming in it, but it also a place for us to report problems and to make requests.

  • Your gps lock comments are true. we had the problem licked over here several days before anyone else did. ripped out the new ota gps drivers and made them flashable for the user. full ota swype as well. With the sz kernel, this thing is a beast. life is good in vaelpak land and no one is more proud to be a vaelpakian than I. this rom is better than many that consider themselves final and we are only in alpha stage. Lol!


  • go ahead and try it – if it’s not what you’re looking for, nandroid back… that’s the great thing about flashing…

  • I am in love with this rom. Since i dont have a dime i donate you a million of thank yous.

  • thanks for the advice, zachoma. Im running Vaelpak aosp, with vipermod tweak undervolted -50. So far so good, although i just got the phone yesterday

  • This Rom is awesome, i cant wait until the final release!!!

  • wow what fancy widget skin(s) are you using for the clock and weather in that screenshot?


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