Samsung Droid Charge unboxing


Samsung has had a strong grip on the Android market ever since introducing its Galaxy S line last year. And because every one of the four major carriers in the US had its own variant, the majority of Android devices sold were, in fact, of the Galaxy S series.

Now, Samsung is set to debut the next iteration, the Galaxy S II, in the US. You can expect to see that sometime in mid-July. However, until then, the company has realized that it can capitalize on the success of that series of phones with its other high-profile phones. That's where the Droid Charge comes in. Let's take a look.


Normally, I don't make a big fuss about the packaging that my review units come in. But this kind of comes off as a more quality box. It definitely holds everything in place a lot better than other boxes do. It's nice to have a different style of box for something that is a more premium product.


After lifting the top from the box, you'll find the device nestled between some hard plastic. Notice that there are four physical buttons, something that I noticed back when I reviewed the Motorola Droid X2. I love these ones even more, because unlike the X2, this Droid's buttons don't click as loudly.


Other than the Charge itself, you've also got a 4G SIM card (a must, as it seems; the device won't connect to anything if it's taken out,) a pack of paperweights, and your microUSB to USB connector with included wall adapter. 

I've been to my nearest 4G LTE-equipped city and while I won't ruin anything for my review, I will just say that I didn't want to leave. Stay tuned for my final review.

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