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Seidio teases upcoming HTC EVO 3D accessories, super extended life battery included


We've already seen a fair amount of accessories that HTC/Sprint and other manufacturers are hoping will become a part of your EVO 3D's life when it goes on sale next week (next week!). Stand-outs so far seem to be the official kickstand case, the OtterBox Defender, and maybe the silicone and tatami hard shell, but that list is certainly subject to change now that Seidio has posted 21 upcoming accessories for the new phone.

Some of the items have been priced, but unfortunately there aren't any images to accompany any of the product descriptions. Seidio's series of cases are all rather similar in design, though, so despite the name change and recent switch to all caps, it's not hard to imagine what a SURFACE, ACTIVE, or CONVERT case for the EVO 3D might look like.

Most interesting to me on the list are the Innocell Super Extended Life Battery (capacity is listed as TBA) and SURFACE case with built-in kickstand. Check out the full list below.

  • Ultimate Screen Guard ($9.95)
  • Ultimate Screen Guard 2-pack ($14.95)
  • Innocell Super Extended Life Battery (price unknown)
  • Innocell 1900mAh Slim Extended Life Battery ($49.95)
  • CONVERT Combo ($49.95)
  • CONVERT Value Pack ($69.95)
  • CONVERT Add-on Kit (price unknown)
  • CONVERT Extended Combo ($49.95)
  • CONVERT Extended Value Pack ($69.95)
  • CONVERT Extended Add-on Kit ($29.95)
  • ACTIVE – black ($29.95)
  • ACTIVE Combo – black ($49.95)
  • ACTIVE Extended – black ($29.95)
  • ACTIVE Extended Combo – black ($49.95)
  • SURFACE – black ($29.95)
  • SURFACE with kickstand – black (price unknown)
  • SURFACE Combo – black ($49.95)
  • SURFACE Combo with kickstand – black (price unknown)
  • SURFACE Extended ($29.95)
  • SURFACE Extended Combo ($49.95)
  • Spring-Clip Holster ($29.95
[Seidio] Thanks, Waldo!

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