Simple Streak is super speedy new custom Dell Streak ROM


The Dell Streak isn’t unfamiliar with the world of custom ROMs. The incredible DJ_Steve has been cooking up custom StreakDroid Froyo ROMs since October of last year. Now, Steve even has a custom Gingerbread ROM in development.

However, a second custom Froyo ROM has just been released on xda-developers by Spidla.

Dubbed Simple Streak by its creator, the new custom ROM is based on Dell’s Hong Kong 354 2.2.2 build, and has been stripped down to just the basics for a super speedy Streak experience.

Simple Streak has removed Dell’s Stage widgets and launcher, using LauncherPro in its stead. Spidla has also removed all of the apps Dell has installed on their ROM, such as Facebook and Amazon MP3, leaving you with a basic Android system for you to mod as you see fit. The ROM is also rooted and features a stylish black notification bar. It also makes portrait mode the default screen orientation, instead of Dell’s landscape setting.

I haven’t personally tried this new ROM (I’m currently rocking DJ_Steve’s StreakDroid 1.9.0), but the users over at xda-developers can vouch for its speediness and also report that WiFi and GPS are functioning properly.

Anyone who wants to check out Simple Streak can grab it at the link below.

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Alex Winzenread

Alex Winzenread is a former editor at StreakSmart, which was merged into Pocketables in 2012. He has been writing in creative writing competitions since 2009 and has always been writing for leisure. In October 2010, he got his first smartphone and was instantly smitten. His hacking and modding obsession had officially begun.

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21 thoughts on “Simple Streak is super speedy new custom Dell Streak ROM

  • Wow… I can totally download a number of free apps on the market and remove the dell bloatware as well. Wait i can also take some graphics and tweaks from other people in the xda streak forum and apply them via clockwork.. and release this as a rom? seriously?

    Why not write a real article about the guy who is trying to port HTC sense to the streak and has half of it already ported properly? that is a REAL custom rom like DJ Steve

  • Jenn,

    I am running Simple Streak and I have to agreed with others that it is very fast and stable. I too, loved DJ_Steve’s StreakDroid but it is not always as stable for me. Previously, I used Krad’s (XDA) experimental combination of Stock 341 w/ 322 Baseband and I was so happy with it that it was on my Streak for almost 3 months… It is nice to not have to “hack” the Streak and enjoying it as a tool/gadget.

    As to your article, I would like to point out a few incorrect information:
    1. Simple Streak is based on Dell’s Stock 354, not 351. (Both are Android 2.2.2)
    2. True that most Dell’s bloat/crap-ware were removed, but Quickoffice was not removed in Simple Streak. As it is quite useful for productivity activities – reading MS office documents.

    As always, enjoyed your wonderful site and always useful information on our ONE AND ONLY – 5″ Phone + Tablet.


  • To whoever you are “Xda User”… You may be the more advance Android users that know how to do many of this more advance things. And have the time to play with things.

    But for some others new Dell owners or not so advance users, this can be very useful – Pre-rooted, Portrait hack built in, bloatwares removed, battery percent circle added, etc…

    The fact that Spidla did credit the proper users for the tweaks he used in his Simple Streak is good enough. And I think he made it very clear in his post too.

    I noticed that Jenn usually writes/shares information with the more general users in here once they are more stable for public consumption. So be patience… After all, this is StreakSmart NOT XDA.

  • Simple Streak is based on 354, which is the latest Hong Kong ROM, not 351 which is the latest retail ROM for unlocked Streaks.

    Stock 351 is running Android 2.2.2

  • Funny response… For those noobs… how do you expect them to flash this rom? By overwriting a recovery? if you can do that you can remove the crap off the phone.

  • Just an FYI that Alex, one of StreakSmart’s new writers, wrote this post. Checking the byline of all future posts will be an adjustment for most people after about a year of hearing from no one but me!

  • I just installed this ROM and now my buttons light up every 3 seconds, wicked annoying, any suggestions or should I move onto another ROM?

  • Ooh, that stinks. I’m actually on DJ_Steve’s Froyo, so I don’t know much about Simple Streak. I’d recommend checking out the thread on xda-developers (I linked to it in the article) and posting about it. The users over there will be able to tell you what to do. Hope you get it figured out!

  • i had a problem like that once with one of the streakdroids, and the culprit was my baseband, check in info, and if it shows your baseband as unknown reflash it. this may not be your issue but I had a similar experience once

  • how is this not a custom ROM? No different than the dozens of other custom roms for other devices that have the same code at their core… heck, those even get called ‘custom’ because of a different skin. No real reason to nitpick really… this is a stock build with custom tweaks, thus a custom rom. Didn’t realize there was a level of mods that had to be included to be deemed custom.

    This article is much more valuable than one about a sense port that very may never materialize…

  • It’s good to have choices, but StreakDroid offers a “noapps” option that removes not only all bloatware, but even most of the 3rd party apps DJ_Steve included, such as MIUI music player, Mirren Browser, etc. The barebones version still includes QuickOffice, and you get to choose Stage Launcher, stock Android launcher, ADW, or LauncherPro. StreakDroid 1.9.0 with bb351 has been very stable for me.

    For those running 354, what code shows on that bb and in what country are you located? I like having the “00” code, knowing it will continue to work fine here in the USA.

  • I am running 354 and code ’11’ shows on the bb. I am in Canada and on Rogers and 354 works just fine.

    I am also back running DJ_Steves’s 1.90 after playing with Simple Streak. Simple Streak ran smoothly but I didn’t have the patience to re-install all my apps so I restored 1.90, running it on the 354 bb.

  • Avatar of commanderastig

    Hello, has anyone able to watch netflix on this rom?

  • Avatar of Toqeer

    I have absolutely no idea how to install a custom rom. I would like to install this simple rom on my dell streak 5 which is sim free and unlocked but completely original and not rooted. Can anyone please direct me to a website where i can download the rom and learn how to install it. thanks

    you can email me at [email protected]

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