Snapseed: another filter based photo editor for the iPad

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The photo editing market on the iPad is starting to become slightly ridiculous. Hundreds of apps all promising to do something better than the rest, be it added features for taking pictures or ways of editing them. Snapseed falls into the later category.

Snapseed’s features are divided into two groups; “basic” and “creative”. In a nutshell, “basic” has all the image improvement features and “creative” has all the special effect filters. The basic features let you crop, rotate, adjust colors and all that- nothing new in other words, just a new interface from the other apps.

The “creative” section also has a lot of features you’ll find in many other apps. The options include black & white, vintage, drama, grunge, center focus and organic frames. They all have various settings (either preset, manual or random) and most of them should be familiar to people who have tried out other filter effect apps. Drama is perhaps the most interesting filter, as it’s not as common as e.g. vintage or black&white. It makes the image look more dramatic by playing with contrast and saturation, and the effect is quite good. In fact, all the filters do the job quite nicely and give you a different looking image. You can also use the organic frames feature to put a nice frame on your finished work.

Nothing in the app is all that special simply because there are so many of these apps right now. That doesn’t mean it’s not a good app, and special credit should be given for an easy-o-use interface (one you read the on-screen instructions for changing effects etc). At $5 it’s not the cheapest such app either, but it might be worth checking out if you like playing around with apps to see what they all offer. Below is some example images that have been edited using the app, just to give you a feel of what it can do. Because there are so many filters that each have different settings and presets though, I could post thousands of different end results without posting the same twice.


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