TouchRetouch magically removes blemishes from Dell Streak photos

Touch-retouch-iconI’ve always felt that the Dell Streak’s weakest feature was its camera. Although it wields two cameras, one front-facing and the other rear-facing, both cameras are surprisingly low quality for such a high-end Android device. While other Android phones sport cameras capable of around 7 or 8 megapixels, our rear camera is stuck with a mere 5.

However, the Dell Streak’s camera can actually make your friends gape with awe once you install TouchRetouch by Adva Soft.

TouchRetouch appears to be, at first, just a simple camera app. You can either take pictures using the rear camera, or import a picture from your Gallery. The real magic happens when you are taken into the editing section of the app, in which you can select portions of the image and make them disappear. Using TouchRetouch, you can literally select a blemish or part of an image that you don’t like, and the app will rework the image so that it looks like it was never there in the first place.

Seeing really is believing with this app. This is a picture I took on my Streak 5 of a hill with a patch of brown, dead grass in it.


This is the same picture from before, this time without the ugly brown patch, thanks to TouchRetouch.


Incredible, isn’t it?

TouchRetouch allows any would-be Dell Streak photo manipulator to select the various imperfections in their image with the built-in Pen tool, which allows you to scribble over the object you want removed, or the Lasso tool, which allows you to outline the imperfection. Both tools are stupidly simple to use, and removing imperfections after they’ve been selected is a simple one-tap process. Just poke the button that looks like a clapper marker from a movie set, and literally watch the imperfections disappear!

The software isn’t perfect, however.

In my use I’ve noticed some lag while using the pen tool to select blemishes on my Streak, and TouchRetouch flipped the image once or twice on my Streak 7. Occasionally, the removal wasn’t seamless, either. However, for a 1.0 release of an incredible new camera app, I can safely say that the developers at Adva Soft will make these bugs disappear as quickly as they can make blemishes vanish on any Dell Streak photo.

Anyone who wants to try Adva Soft’s amazing camera app can grab it below.


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