Ubuntu Mobile (formerly StreakBuntu) brings full Ubuntu to your Dell Streak

Ubuntu-mobile-screenshot If you’re a Linux-loving Dell Streak user, then you’re going to love what an xda-developer and member of our very own StreakSmart forums, Profclean2000, has cooked up for us. Ubuntu Mobile (formerly StreakBuntu) is a custom tablet-optimized port of Ubuntu for your Dell Streak, literally bringing a full-featured Linux desktop into the palm of your hand.

Ubuntu Mobile was originally released as a custom ROM-like offering for your Streak that ran inside Android via a terminal emulator and 4GB of memory on your Dell Streak’s SD card. However, Profclean2000 has made the wise choice to create an app that automates the install process and makes running Ubuntu on your rooted phone and/or tablet a snap.

When it’s released in a few short days, Ubuntu Mobile will allow you to text and make calls within Ubuntu, rummage through your SD card, browse the web on a full-featured Firefox 4 port, and do many of the other things that Linux users have come to love, all on the go on your Streak.

Perhaps one of the coolest features, however, is that this Ubuntu port has been confirmed to be working on rooted devices other than Dell Streak 5 and 7s. This means that, once the app is released, users running rooted Android builds on most devices should be able to enjoy Ubuntu anywhere.

[xda-developers] Thanks, Robert!

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