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Walmart taking preorders for HTC EVO 3D: $179.99 with contract, $499.99 without


Nothing beats Wirefly Friends and Family's $149.99 HTC EVO 3D deal, but several other companies are undercutting Sprint's $199.99 retail price. Chief among them is Amazon, of course, but Walmart's offer isn't too bad either: $179.99 with new contract or contract renewal and $499.99 with no service whatsoever.

Though this leaked poster seemed to suggest it (and it was also to be expected), Walmart has never been named as an official reseller of the EVO 3D. The fact that the store carries both the EVO 4G and EVO Shift 4G makes it a no-brainer, but nothing confirms Walmart's involvement like the EVO 3D's dedicated product page and active preorder button.

Incidentally, Walmart seems to be the only major EVO 3D seller that's not doing any trade-in deals. Everyone else has something: Sprint and Target are paying $150 for an EVO 4G, Best Buy will hand over a $135 gift card or $87 check (as of today) for the device, and Radio Shack thinks $100 is a fair deal for last year's phone.

[Walmart Wireless]
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8 thoughts on “Walmart taking preorders for HTC EVO 3D: $179.99 with contract, $499.99 without

  • I have to admit – I’m a little jealous of all these deals people can take advantage of at various retailers. Being a SERO Premium customer, ordering online at Sprint at (usually) “full” price is the only option for us. Some have luck going through Amazon or Best Buy, I’ve heard, but that seems risky.

    I have to keep reminding myself that those immediate savings of $20-$50 on the phone don’t add up to the discount we get monthly on Sero P. Also, I’m hoping Sprint allowing Premier customers to order early on the 21st online results in next day shipping. I’d take the phone a couple of days early in my hands over saving a bit of money.

  • I preordered at Radio Shake and this might be a crazy question but that means I will reserved 1 for launch day right? Follow me on twitter @LChase_Money

  • Yes and as far as I know they hold it for 3 days and then you loose your spot. I pre ordered mine at Best Buy and I’m first on the list so I have to call them to see how they handle pre orders over those who just show up on launch day.

  • I hope BB would consider price matching this. I know its an extra 20…but still. That’s 20 towards a new cover or something extra.

  • Avatar of monkeysplat

    $200 is the most I will pay for any phone, ever. So many deals out there. I’m not ready to give up my rooted, speedy Evo yet. I’m getting 24 hours of battery life. :-)

  • I am really hoping that Best Buy pricematches this Walmart price. It would be sweet if BB matched the $149.99 WireFly price. I’ll have to wait and see.

  • I am really excited for this phone to come out only nine days left! I was one of the first people out of my group of friends to get an Evo4G and I love the phone. I know the Evo3D will be even better. I use my Evo4G right now with the Dish Remote app and my Sling Adapter to stream live TV right to my mobile device. I picked up my Sling through my job with Dish Network. It works great and it was really easy for me to set up. I am not usually at home because I go to school and work full time so it’s nice to take the TV that I pay for with me wherever I go. If you want more information on how you can get a Sling for Free just go to and follow the instructions!

  • Walmart actually raised their price from $499 to $599 as well.


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