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Want to write for G&E? [Updated]

Help-wanted In a few short days, there will be two new EVOs out in the wild: the EVO 3D smartphone and the EVO View 4G tablet. Coverage on both devices is already well underway here at G&E, but once the new EVOs are actuallly in the hands of thousands of customers across the country (and eventually other countries), more content will be needed.

But with my new position at CrowdGather, the company that acquired G&E a few months ago, my other websites, and my 19-month-old daughter, I definitely need some help in updating the site more often with more posts.

So I'm hanging a "Help Wanted" sign on my door and hoping that someone with previous tech blogging experience, excellent writing skills, and a passion for all things HTC EVO will join the G&E team. I've already hired a few writers behind the scenes to diversify the content and spread out the updates, but I still need at least one more person.

The ideal candidate for the job is someone who can reliably and consistently contribute two posts per weekday. Whether it's a news post, an app review, a tip, a tutorial, a hack/mod, an editorial, or a feature article, if you can write it well—and in accordance with several style guides—then I want to hire you.

This is a paid position with regular opportunities for bonuses and a start date of as soon as possible.

If you're interested, please email two G&E-ready sample posts with photos to me at jenn [at] crowdgather [dot com] with the subject line "G&E writer application." These posts may be published on G&E to gauge reader response, so make sure they're appropriate for the site and that they haven't been published anywhere else before.

Update 6/24: Applications are no longer being accepted. Thanks for your interest.

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Jenn K. Lee

Jenn K. Lee is the founder of Pocketables. She loves gadgets the way most women love shoes and purses. The pieces in her tech wardrobe that go with everything are currently the Samsung Galaxy Note II, Sony Tablet P, and Nexus 7, but there are still a couple of vintage UMPCs/MIDs in the back of her closet.

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22 thoughts on “Want to write for G&E? [Updated]

  • Doesn’t “writing for G&E” really consist of just reposting things you find on XDA, or running an ad for some EVO accessory?

  • I would love to write for G&E!

  • But yet you visit often? Interesting…

  • LOL! I was thinking the same thing lol! If people want to make smart comments, then they should be the ones signing up for this position and do what they’re preaching lol!

  • That is just plain mean!

    This is a great site. If you do not like it go somewhere else!

  • I would love this opportunity! Have to think of two good sample posts…

  • Some people are just amazing. I guess they have to talk about other people because they themselves have to feel good for how bad they really are.
    This is the first site I check for any evo related news and the articles are great. Keep up the good work and good luck to the 2 new future writers.

  • Excuse me Skylar,

    You honestly have no clue what this community is about. Take some time and get to know the site. If you don’t like it, then just visit other sites, but comments like those are not welcomed here.

    Take care,


  • Can we get someone to acknowledge the existence of the EVO Shift? It is part of the EVO family. I don’t personally have one, but my wife does, and some things like ROM reviews or OTA announcements would be helpful.

  • Why even respond with a comment like that? If your so PRO XDA, then why are you on this site leaving smart azz comments? Or are you just trying to get an uproar out of us. Almost all of us are dam happy to have a site like this. And are happy for a person like Jenn to explain a whole lot of technical things that we wouldn’t get if we were on XDA.


  • Kinda crass, no?
    Gotta tell you that this is usually the first resource I go to when I have a question about my Evo. The tutorials are some of the best I have read, and its nice to have a place to go to where almost anything you want to know how to do with an Evo is, and which is easy navigatable.
    And Jenn is easily accessible as an Owner and Administrator which is not often found on other forums.

  • Avatar of EVOlution

    G&E is my go to – start point. It’s awesome & super reliable. It’s people like skylar that are taking away from and evening destroying forums like XDA. Anyone else notice how many devs are starting up their own pages to get away from these idiots? It’s really quite sad actually. So much for an online “community”.

  • Avatar of redraiduzz

    Jenn is dynamite with regards to the way she explains things and moreso, the way she does reply to posts in incredibly quick order and stays on top of it!
    Great job, Jenn!

  • Avatar of benodiktine

    I think the EVO Shift is generally looked down upon and seen as not worthy of the EVO name. That’s how I see it. So Don’t hold your breath, I don’t think you’ll be seeing anything about it here.

    Regarding this post, I would be honored to write for G&E but I’m smart enough to know I’m not a very good writer nor do I have the time. Good luck to whoever does get the gig. I look forward to reading the new G&E writers articles.

  • Avatar of benodiktine

    G&E is the first site I go to every morning. I love this site! Thanks for everything, Jenn!

  • Avatar of jaydeeIL

    I would love this oppurtunity if I was able to win the phone…Unfortunately I won’t be able to the 3D unless I’m winning one or someone is sponsoring me. Anyway, great site. Keep the news coming.

    Daily visitor

  • Avatar of EvoBluBalls

    Would love to write for you Jenn! Been a huge fan of G&E since I found this site when I bought my Evo last year. Could use the extra money too. lol

  • Might want to check with your lawyers about asking for pictures when posting a job opening.

  • Why? It is not a photo of the applicant, it’s a photo to accompany the article. Most blog posts across the web include images so I’m pretty sure that’s what she wants to see.

  • Avatar of bk w/ bloody sauce

    Well I love EVO and I love and everything about them both, I unfortunately have no writing skills, so i’ll stick to the comments. Good luck to whoever gets on. We’ll be watching..err…reading…lol

  • Avatar of HTCEVOUSER

    But if you think about it isn’t that what every site does. But they don’t just repost they also do some research. You must not know much about sites like this. But you visit often to see what is new like everybody else. If it wasn’t for this site must of us won’t know all the news about our phones.


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