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Wirefly prices HTC EVO 3D at $179.99

Evo-3d-wirefly Sprint may have put an end to the months of anticipation leading up to the launch of the HTC EVO 3D by announcing its price and release date today, but Wirefly has just stepped in and undercut the carrier's pricing by $20.

It's not a huge discount, sure, but $179.99 is a great price for the upcoming dual-core phone when purchased with either a new two-year contract or eligible contract extension. Free shipping via FedEx is included, which only makes the deal sweeter, and there are sure to be plenty of accessories, including the kickstand case, that the savings could be used towards too.

The EVO 3D's off-contract price is  listed at $599.99—$100 more than last month's Radio Shack price leak—but Wirefly's 30-day preorder price guarantee should make that a non-issue if the retailer adjusts its prices in the next few weeks.

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10 thoughts on “Wirefly prices HTC EVO 3D at $179.99

  • It’s really not that much cheaper if you are a Sprint premier customer because if you upgrade online thru Sprint, you don’t have to pay the $18 activation fee.

  • Avatar of Matt Huling

    Awesome price. I do have one concern, maybe someone on here can help. Right now I’m getting 23% off my monthly bill. I’m eligible for a full discount. I wonder, however, if ordering from a 3rd party site such as Wirefly would somehow screw up my discount I’m currently receiving. Or for that matter, getting it at RadioShack. My current feeling is that ordering directly through Sprint might be my best bet to ensure I retain my discount. Anyone have any knowledge about that kind of thing?

  • Matt, I asked 3rd party retailers before… and that shouldn’t affect your corporate discount… but again, I don’t work for Sprint. I’m just a customer like you so you should call them and check.

  • What’s the cheapest and smoothest way to upgrade to the Evo 3D?

    Coming From:
    -Launch day Evo 4G
    -Family Plan, Upgrade 2X Evo 4G’s

    Wirefly is an intriguing option as it’s $179 + tax-free, however there is an upgrade eligibility issue on my second line.

    BestBuy will probably be $199.99 + tax but will have the same upgrade eligibility issue as Wirefly.

    Amazon $? w/ same upgrade issue.

    Sprint will be $199.99 + tax but will honor the $75 upgrade disc. on second line.

    Decisions, decisions. Help! I know there are more of us in the same situation!

  • Avatar of Jay Gordon

    Wirefly is good for undercutting the Radio Shack and Best Buy but I had to contact the BBB last year because of the Evo release and the run around they gave me After I ordered my phone and received a tracking number to a phone that never shipped. After a week of calling and complaining they rush me some one else phone that I couldn’t even activate. Even though my next door neighbor ordered his after me and received it with in 3 days. They suck!!

  • That activation fee is a non-issue. All you have to do is call Sprint and mention that you saw the activation fee on your bill and they usually will volunteer to credit your account. If not, just ask them to.

    I have never had to pay that fee.

  • Just placed the pre-order with Wirefly!! The no-tax is a HUGE savings. Sprint always waves the activation fee if you call.

  • in which store should i get the evo 3D ?? i was thinking about radio shck but i saw this post and i dont know this store is just online or there is a place ?? anyone ??

  • Sprint shows I’m eligible for upgrade a year early which is cool, but it shows that I get $150 discount off the 3D through Sprint.. does Wirefly give the discount also? or that the price with the discount already subtracted?

  • Wirefly specifically states in their FAQ that discounts will be retained. That’s why I’m ordering thru them. Also no tax for me and additional $50 off with bank of America add it up!


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