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One of the app developers I follow on Twitter is @Cocoabox, the developer of Penultimate, the note taking app that lets you make your own paper templates. Earlier today Cocoa Box retweeted a tweet from a father who tweeted that “[his] 4 year old wrote out her first alphabet this morning thanks to @cocoabox’s wonderful app penultimate”. This immediately made me flash back to when I was in school and had books specifically for learning to write, either free-hand or by writing on top of semi-transparent guides. I decided to create some papers that would do just that for Penultimate, adding alphabet papers that would help kids learn to write. Hit the jump for the downloads.

There are six downloads; four that cover the alphabet in upper case from A to Z with one letter per line, and two that have the alphabet from A to Z in upper and lower case (the latter also includes numbers). The files are .ppr files made specifically for Penultimate, so the easiest thing to do is to visit this post on an iPad with Penultimate installed and then download the files, which will get added to Penultimate automatically.

If you want more variants, they’re very easy to make using practically any image editing program. Just create a 718 × 865 resolution image and fill it with whatever you want, transfer the image file to the iPad and import into Penultimate. You can turn them into .ppr files by emailing them from Penultimate.Also remember we have more templates for download in the forums.

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