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Access hidden data menu on HTC EVO View 4G to increase data speeds


While this is old news for those of you who own the HTC EVO 4G and EVO 3D, many of you who have jumped on the HTC EVO View 4G bandwagon have been left wondering how to change those pesky proxy settings to get faster internet access. Since the View is not a phone, it doesn't have a dialer, so you can't use pound codes like ##DATA# … or can you?

Lucky for us, HTC has actually enabled dialer codes through the calculator; just replace the # with a ! and hit = when done.

Therefore, to erase the stock proxy settings and (hopefully) increase your 3G data speeds on the EVO View, just go to your app drawer, open the calculator, enable landscape mode by rotating the tablet and type !!3282!=.

Then, just follow the same directions we already gave you for the EVO 3D. Also, you will still need your MSL code to tinker with these settings, although Sprint should provide this if you ask nicely.

Now you can still enjoy those faster 3G speeds for when you're away from WiFi or 4G coverage!

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6 thoughts on “Access hidden data menu on HTC EVO View 4G to increase data speeds

  • does not work on mine, getting a error.

  • Avatar of Priscilla

    does this work on rooted and unrooted Evo’s?

  • standard dialer code works on evo4g with 2.3.3 official


  • I’t didn’t work for me ether but do anybody no the code to change your number without any program.


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