Acer A100 delayed again, turning into the Duke Nukem Forever of the tablet world

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What a surprise, the Acer Iconia A100 has been delayed…again. the 7-inch Honeycomb tablet was supposed to be launched back in May, but got delayed due to unknown reasons speculated to have to do with Honeycomb’s ability to run on 7-inch tablets. Then last month it started showing up on information signs in stores, before suddenly disappearing off the news network yet again. Now the German Acer team on Facebook has confirmed a September release date for Germany, which isn’t exactly good news for those waiting for it. Of course a German release date doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t launch earlier elsewhere (like the US), especially since the 7-inch friendly Android 3.2 is now rolling out to some tablets. Either way the constant delays and lack of information is very unprofessional and not something Acer will win a lot of support for, and they will definitely end up facing a whole different market in September than they would have in May.

[via Engadget]

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