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Agile Lock brings Sense 3.0-esque lock screen to all HTC EVO users

Screenshot-1311815769668 Tired of having to constanly slide tabs on your AOSP ROM? Does your HTC EVO 4G seem boring when you are sliding down to unlock on Sense 1.0?

Then you need Agile Lock, an app by SunPengfei  (creator of the popular Honeycomb-inspired Ripple Lock) that brings EVO users the best Sense 3.0-esque lock screen experience without having Sense 3.0 installed.

We all know that there are only a few devices that even run Sense 3.0 (including the EVO 3D and View 4G). For EVO 4G users, there are only a handful of stable ROMs that allow users to experience this awesome lock screen. But thanks to Agile Lock, any EVO user can experience the Sense 3.0 lock screen – heck, even your friends using not-so-cool-non-EVO Android devices can try it out too. 

For anybody wondering why Sense 3.0 lock screens are so awesome or anyone wanting to see Agile Lock in action, keep reading.

All right, this isn't technically a "Sense 3.0" lock screen (hence my use of the suffix -esque). But Agile Lock does do a beautiful job of emulating the look and feel of Sense 3.0 lock screens. 

Sense 3.0 lock screens start off by giving the EVO user an easy way to unlock. Simply flick the ring from the bottom of the EVO screen to the top and you're off and running.

Screenshot-1311815781082 Screenshot-1311815832194 

But what if you want to get to an app faster? Sense 3.0 introduced lock screen shortcuts. Agile Lock brings these app shortcuts to your EVO without the need for a Sense 3.0 ROM running on your phone. By default, the phone, messaging, browser, and camera apps are setup with lock screen shortcuts; these can be changed in the full version to apps like Facebook, Market, you name it!

In the Android Market, Agile Lock is free. However, to unlock all of the premium features of this lockscreen replacement (including changing font size and color, adjusting background settings, and changing the app screen shortcuts) you have to shell out $1.38.

But, you guys know I like to save you money (or give you the chance to win $1 million). Agile Lock lets you enable the premium features by accumulating "points." By clicking on the "Free earn points" button, you can download apps (an example is seen below) via Agile Lock that give you points. Once you accrue 300, you have saved yourself $1.38!

This is somewhat tedious and I am personally having a hell of time getting all 300 points. But, I can report that after some work I have been getting the apps to install and it wouldn't be too hard for you to get the premium features unlocked too.

Screenshot-1311815860748 Screenshot-1311817759408

UPDATE: Some people are reporting that these apps may not be the safest! Always be cautious with what you download onto your EVO.

If you think that a Sense 3.0-esque lock screen suits you well, then the paid version may be the easiest is definitely the safest and easiest option.

No matter what, head over to the Market now and try out Agile Lock! Be sure to let us know how you think this app compares to the real Sense 3.0 lock screen.


Links: Market (EVO) | Market (Web)

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