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Airplane mode disables lock screen shortcuts on HTC EVO View 4G

Evo-view-airplane Since I bought my HTC EVO View 4G without a contract and only use the tablet over WiFi, one of the things I do to increase battery life is to always keep airplane mode on. This turns off the 3G/4G radio, which I don't need, while still allowing WiFi and/or Bluetooth to be on.

The only problem with airplane mode on the View is that it causes the app shortcuts on the lock screen to disappear.

This isn't how HTC Sense 3.0 is supposed to work, as the shortcuts are correctly displayed on the HTC EVO 3D when in airplane mode. The only thing that's supposed to be overtaken is the background; for example, the huge airplane mode graphic is shown instead of the weather animation.

The EVO View 4G was updated to Android 2.3.4 on the day it was released, so here's hoping that a new update that brings back the shortcuts that give the lock screen more purpose will be pushed out soon. Until then, I think it's time to see how well WidgetLocker scales on a WSVGA screen.

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14 thoughts on “Airplane mode disables lock screen shortcuts on HTC EVO View 4G

  • Try turning on airplane mode with a 3rd party widget.

  • Avatar of KingNothing

    So what? It really feels like you are using the article page to field your questions/observations rather than report news or information. Is this where the new writers are taking G&E? I hope not, lets save this stuff for XDA’s Generals forums.

  • Avatar of Jason Kimball

    Jenn K. Lee is not exactly what I would call a new G&E writer. The devil is in the details KingNothing….

  • What’s your problem?

    Just because something isn’t relevant to you doesn’t mean it’s not relevant to anyone else. I happen to have a View and found the post useful. It’s obviously a glitch and one that is worth writing about.

    It’s unbelievable that people like you feel so self-entitled that you think it’s okay to tell Jenn what she can and cannot write on her own site.

    There’s plenty of other articles to read if you don’t like THIS ONE. And there are plenty of other sites to troll and be an asshole on if you don’t like G&E. I hope this site doesn’t attract more commenters like you.

  • Avatar of KingEverything

    Uh, an observation IS news. If someone observes that the OTA breaks Netflix, that lock screen apps can’t be on the SD card, that disabling something saves battery life, that voice-to-speech doesn’t work on the EVO 4G, etc., that’s called news buddy.

    Also, how do you from this one post to thinking that “this” is the “new direction” the writers will be heading? Jumping to conclusions much? Maybe I’ll leave a comment in the Yelp article bitching about how I hope G&E doesn’t turn into a site that only talks about non-EVO-specific apps. Because you know, one article obviously means a shift in focus.

    Now I understand your username. You’re the King of having Nothing intelligent to say.

  • Avatar of KingNothing

    Look it Mr. F-Off, I have been a follower of this site since I bought my EVO last June, and recommend it frequently to anyone who is willing or wants to listen when they ask me about my phone or tablet. I will not get into a debate with you about whether or not my comment was relevant, rude or appropriate. It was merely an observation. Constructive criticism. You clearly liked this article and found it informative. Good for you. I felt if “its’s time to see how well WidgetLocker scales on a WSVGA screen”, then let’s do the test and then do the write up.
    And as for you Jason, just because Jenn posts it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s written it. I’m just saying things are changing with all the new writers. Some things are defiantly getting better, some perhaps not. I pointed it out. If the devil’s in the details, then let’s have them. Nothing to get up in arms about.

  • I’ve spent too much time reading about rooting phones, “F-OFF” first made me think of “S-OFF”.

  • wow, glad i have a life.
    Love the site Jenn, as always.

  • glad I’m not the only one at least!
    “what’s F-OFF? ohhhh!”

  • I just turn off 4g and Mobile network on my view battery lasting 14 plus hours and I have never seen it below 30%.

  • Avatar of HTC EVO 4G

    OH WELL FUCK THAT I like my shortcuts and lock screen!!!!!

  • Avatar of Dro3d

    I did a Google search to find out how disable them and it led me back to my daily site.G&E is the best.


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