Android Market update rolling out to Dell Streaks soon

New-market The Android Market experience of Dell Streak users, as well as the users of any Android device on 2.2 and up, is about to change drastically. Why? Because Google has just announced that they've revamped it.

This new Market has a ton of new features and has been completely redesigned. Now you can navigate by searching top paid apps, top free apps, editor's choice, and staff picks. Dell Streak users in the US can now download books from the new Market too. The purchased books will also be pushed to your computer and other Android-based devices, thanks to your Google account. US users without root access can watch or download movies to their devices. 

People who want to try out Google's new Market will have to wait patiently for the update to get pushed to their devices in the coming weeks (or just do some digging around to find the leaked apk).

[Google Mobile Blog]
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Alex Winzenread

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