Android Market update rolling out to Dell Streaks soon

New-market The Android Market experience of Dell Streak users, as well as the users of any Android device on 2.2 and up, is about to change drastically. Why? Because Google has just announced that they've revamped it.

This new Market has a ton of new features and has been completely redesigned. Now you can navigate by searching top paid apps, top free apps, editor's choice, and staff picks. Dell Streak users in the US can now download books from the new Market too. The purchased books will also be pushed to your computer and other Android-based devices, thanks to your Google account. US users without root access can watch or download movies to their devices. 

People who want to try out Google's new Market will have to wait patiently for the update to get pushed to their devices in the coming weeks (or just do some digging around to find the leaked apk).

[Google Mobile Blog]
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Alex Winzenread

Alex Winzenread is a former editor at StreakSmart, which was merged into Pocketables in 2012. He has been writing in creative writing competitions since 2009 and has always been writing for leisure. In October 2010, he got his first smartphone and was instantly smitten. His hacking and modding obsession had officially begun.

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15 thoughts on “Android Market update rolling out to Dell Streaks soon

  • Decided to take the plunge see what it is like. Must admit I am impressed its fairly different to the one shown in the video but that might just be as im on a UK gmail account.

    Either way its a nice interface in my opinion but it’s receiving mixed reviews with alot of people saying it’s very cluttered and cramped.

  • Got the Leaked Market at my Dutch Streak here as well, tried as such and i must say it’s quite and an overall great improvement. Those peeps who come and say how cluttered and cramped they find their markets probably all have smaller screens to use them with.. Streaks still got her one and only 5-inch LCD where all others are at max 4.3 inches..
    Even my root doesn’t seem to affect that much…

  • Actually 4.5″ is the next biggest size on the Samsung Infuse. Not a big deal, just letting you know lol :)

  • I got the new mkt already

  • How? what phone do you have?

  • Avatar of slayerpsp

    have it on my dell streak 7 works well

  • Avatar of Jonathan-Streaker

    My market isn’t even loading. Network error.

  • Not sure why all of the enthusiasm for this.

    The interface is cluttered and has changed the market app from one that provides a means to access useful extensions to your phone to a billboard for Google’s offerings.

    I tried it, uninstalled it and then froze the market updater so it won’t DL to my phone automatically.

    If your phone is rooted you can’t watch the movies, but instead of checking this in the market app when it loads and then disabling the rentals there, Google allows you to rent a movie that the player then will not allow you to view.

    There are no settings to turn off movie and book ares if you don’t want them cluttering up the interface. The issue with clutter isn’t about size, it’s about design and usefulness. If Google is not going to allow you to use part of the interface if you are tooted then do the checks when the market loads and don’t shove that aspect in my face.

  • I follow the link from android headlines website

  • Avatar of UnderDoc

    More apps to Amazon, please!

    I’m not sharing my credit card info with yet another company — that would be like buying a hole in one’s pocket.

  • Hi Jenn……today I have downloaded Android Market Update, it is really good in my Dell Streak with FroYo 2.2 DJ Steve 1.9.0 version and you can view how it work in my site in this video:

    Bye, Jenn!!!!!!…regards from Colombia – Southamerica, Mauricio.

  • Avatar of commanderastig

    I’ve downloaded the new market apk.i like the new market so far. it takes a few glance to get use to the ui design. but the problem is that if you are rooted like most of us here, rented movies won’t play!! I hope there’s a work around for this soon. DJ steve please help!!!


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