Apple files suit against HTC, seeks to bar new sales of HTC EVO phones

Evil_apple While it is rare to see the name "Apple" mentioned on a site like G&E, there are reports surfacing now that Apple just filed a second lawsuit against HTC, the makers of our beloved EVO line of phones and tablets. The suit alleges that phones like the HTC EVO 4G and EVO 3D are infringing upon Apple's patents, and Apple ultimately seeks to bar the sale of these and other key HTC Android-powered smartphones in the United States.

While specific details of the lawsuit filed at the International Trade Commission (ITC) this morning are not immediately available, this is not the first time that Apple has filed such a lawsuit against a competing phone manufacturer. Just last week, Apple filed a similar complaint with the ITC against Samsung, also seeking to temporarily ban the importation and sale of certain Samsung handsets. This new suit also follows a related complaint from 2010, in which Apple first accused HTC of violating certain patents.

Lucky for us, HTC recently purchased S3 Graphics, a company that held a large variety of patents that the ITC already determined have been used illegally by Apple. This not only acts as a legal shield of sorts, but could also help HTC in a potential suit against Apple, should they choose to go that route. Additionally, an ITC lawyer already recommended siding with HTC, declaring that this would be in the public's best interest. However, this is only a recommendation, and the ITC could ultimately rule either way.

Still, at this point there is no need to worry about our beloved HTC EVO 4G or EVO 3D just yet. I only wish that Apple would focus more on competition through cutting-edge innovation, rather than litigation that seems to go nowhere. In the end, this just makes handsets more expensive for consumers and stiffles the growth and widespread adoption of exciting new technology.

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