Asus EEE Pad transformer getting power drain fix, Android 3.2 soon

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The Asus EEE Pad Transformer is one of the most sought-after Android tablets out there because of its low price and laptop dock. The dock has been causing some issues though in terms of power drain (as well as the tablet forgetting it’s connected) and Asus has now promised on their Facebook page that the power drain issue will be addressed. That’s not all though, as Asus’ Twitter feed has also been busy announcing news, specifically that they’re testing Android 3.2 on the Transformer and “hope to have it released soon”. I guess press releases is a thing of the past now with Twitter and Facebook being used to announced such things. Either way it’s great news for both existing and potential new Transformer users, so keep an eye out for both the dock fix and the Android update.

[via Engadget]
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One thought on “Asus EEE Pad transformer getting power drain fix, Android 3.2 soon

  • Been looking at these. Good news to know now.


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