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Best Buy's Black Tie Protection nets an HTC EVO 3D upgrade for $100

Best-buy-black-tie I've spoken with many who disagree with me but for my money, there is no better store to work with than Best Buy when it comes to mobile phones.

I live in an area without full-blown Sprint coverage but have been very well taken care of by the store's mobile staff. My latest episode with them involved sending in my HTC EVO 4G for repair. I came out the other end of the deal with a shiny new HTC EVO 3D.

I knew my HTC EVO 4G had met its maker when it fell out of our moving vehicle and . . . well, I think it's obvious from the photo at right that the phone got more than a little banged up.

Per their Geek Squad Black Tie Protection policy, Best Buy sent my shattered EVO 4G out to their service center and promised to repair or replace the device within about a week. The phone couldn't be saved, so a replacement was offered. But since Best Buy recently dropped the price of the HTC EVO 4G to $100 for existing customer upgrades and a whipping $0 for new activations, needless to say they are harder to come by. The result? I was given the option to move up to the HTC EVO 3D by paying the difference of a $100 in hardware cost; no other catches.

So to anyone debating taking their damaged HTC EVO 4G (purchased at Best Buy) in for repair, you may get a bonus. There are other ways to get the EVO 3D for less than $100, but they require trading in an EVO 4G that looks a heck of lot better than mine did!

If you haven't purchased from the store before, you may want to seriously consider it for the next go 'round. I've bought from The Shack and Sprint stores in the past, but I'm sold on the Black Tie affair at Best Buy.

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David Carleno

David is a former contributing editor at Good and EVO, which was merged into Pocketables in 2012.

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