Bluetooth certification reveals Dell Streak 10 Pro variants (T03G, T03G001, T04G)


The 10-inch Dell Streak 10 Pro may not be available in the US until next year, but that definitely won't stop StreakSmart from keeping tabs on it. Good thing, too, because we've got a couple of new tidbits to share.

The dual-core Honeycomb tablet recently got its Bluetooth certification—a natural follow-up to the WiFi certification received in May—and in addition to revealing all of its supported Bluetooth profiles (including HID), the info also includes some model numbers we haven't seen before.

The WiFi Alliance clued us in to the fact that the T03G and Streak 10 Pro are the same device, but what's the T03G001 and T04G all about? If I had to guess, I'd say the former is WiFi only and the latter has 4G (maybe there's some truth to the LTE version rumor). There's no additional "proof" of a 4G variant, but lending credence to the WiFi-only version is a new listing on the benchmark site that first told us the Streak 10 Pro was running Android 3.1.


GLBenchmark now has two separate entries for the 10-inch tablet: Dell Streak 10 and Dell Streak 10 Pro. The "new" Pro-less entry actually just contains all the original benchmark info, while the revised Pro listing now shows that Android 3.2 is on board.

While it's certainly possible that the original entry was supposed to be replaced, seeing two Streak 10 listings right after seeing the new model numbers from the Bluetooth certification obviously makes the dots a bit easier to connect. The WiFi-only Streak 7 makes the existence of a WiFi-only Streak 10 seem more plausible as well.

It's all just speculation at this point, of course, but with Streak-specific news being much harder to come by these days, we have no choice but to create it ourselves.

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