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Canadian HTC EVO 3D will ship with unlocked bootloader

Rogers-evo3d-unlocked Even though HTC has promised to unlock the bootloader on the HTC EVO 3D for current Sprint customers by early September, it looks like our Canadian neighbors to the north will enjoy unlocked bootloaders from the very beginning. As it turns out, the Canadian version of the EVO 3D that is headed to Rogers will ship unlocked.

This news comes directly from a rep at Rogers who participated in a comment thread following the company's blog post that announced the arrival of the phone to Rogers. Responding to repeated inquiries from customers about the status of the Canadian EVO 3D bootloader, RogersKatie posted three times, "Yes, our HTC EVO 3D will have an unlocked bootloader."

An exact release date is still unknown (sometime "this summer"), and the Rogers rep also confirmed that the phone will not ship with 4G LTE radios. Preorders will begin next week.

Keep in mind that it is unlikely Rogers customers will have access to unlocked bootloaders for any significant amount of time before Sprint customers. HTC has already announced the roll out of an initial software update that will prepare the EVO 3D to be unlocked in August, and preorders for Rogers customers will take place until at least August 15, if not later. Additionally, TeamWin is diligently attempting a permanent root solution that we expect to be ready at any time.

So even though it's extremely difficult right now for us to wait around for S-Off, just keep in mind what my fourth grade teacher used to tell me every day: Patience is a virtue.

[Rogers via Android Police]
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