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Carrr Matey on your HTC EVO guarantees you'll find your car

CarrrMateyYou used Yelp! on your HTC EVO to find a restaurant. You used Voice Search to launch turn-by-turn navigation on your phone. You found a parking space using Open Spot. You checked into the restaurant with Foursquare. You used Paypal or a myriad number of other phone-pay options to pay for your meal. You walked to a club your friends checked into on Facebook Places.

The night wore on, you failed an attempt to drunk-dial your ex because of Phone Goggles, and finally, you walked over and checked into a hotel then woke up the next morning with the question that launched Ashton Kutcher's movie career: Dude, where's my car?

An app called Carrr Matey can help you with that. Simply "drop anchor" when you've parked your car and "find vessel" when you're looking for it. Carrr Matey will guide you back using a compass and GPS map usually to within 15 feet of your location (your GPS accuracy may vary).

It also includes a timer in case you need to go out and feed the meter, or need a good excuse to get yourself out of an awkward date.

If you're looking for a pirate-themed car location app, this is probably for you.  If you're looking for a ninja car location device, well, if you can find it, chances are you're already dead.


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