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Decorate and protect your HTC EVO earphone jack with Plugy


Everyone is looking for a new way to show off and decorate their HTC EVO to make it unique and their own. Ringtones and wallpapers can only show off so much and require your phone to be on, actively draining the battery. In steps a Japanese accessory called the Plugy, which is designed to give your phone a unique look while actually serving a useful purpose.

The Plugy lives in your earphone jack, where it not only gives a fun/quirky look to your EVO but also acts as a dirt blocker for the port. Now while most cases provide a rubber stopper for the earphone jack, some do not.

This is an interesting way to get the job done for $5 and with a little style. Pre-order yours today.

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Bruce Eaton

Bruce Eaton is a former contributing editor at Good and EVO, which was merged into Pocketables in 2012.

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7 thoughts on “Decorate and protect your HTC EVO earphone jack with Plugy

  • This would be useful if they had one that doubled as an antenna for listening to the radio.

  • Antennae would be great but then where would you plug in your headphones? There is one draw back though. I could see me, phone in hand turning and getting my pluggy caught on a door frame or something else and ripping it violently out. The only reason I say that is because I regularly rip my head phones out. Yes I know headphones have a cord that can be easily ripped out but to combat that I tuck it inside my shirt. And I still rip it out.

  • oh. wow. This is bad. The equivalent of spinners on a honda minivan. Hell, any kind of spinners are bad, but this is just plain tacky. :]

  • I like it, and yeah I agree it’s tacky but that’s the best part! :) if it doubled as an antenna that would be awesome, I use my evo for the radio cause we can’t use the internet for personal use at work. I have to plug my headphones in, but they just lie there.. tangled and useless b/c I have it on speaker all day for just listening to the radio while at work.

  • now can we make a nice flush mount one for the USB and HDMI on the bottom? I would pay 4 time this for a cover that fits flush with the phone for the bottom ports!

  • I think it’s a great idea. I don’t use my jack because I listen to my music through my Bluetooth headset so it keeps my jack dust free. It’s also another good way to keep on moisture and condensation.

  • … To keep OUT…sorry


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