Dell Streak "temporarily out of stock" at Dell Home, still in stock at Dell Business


The Dell Streak's future has never been particularly bright due to poor marketing/communication and delayed software updates, but ever since the company announced that the Streak 10 Pro wouldn't be available in the US until next year, the pocket tablet's outlook has seemed a bit more grim.

AT&T's Streak is still running Android 2.2 while its unlocked counterpart has had 2.2.2 since April; there appears to be no plans to update it to Gingerbread, let alone Ice Cream Sandwich; and we haven't heard anything about the Opus One—long-rumored Streak 5 successor—since it showed up on a leaked roadmap under a Q1 2012 heading.

And now both the AT&T-locked and unlocked devices are "temporarily out of stock" at's Home site. It's still available for purchase on the company's Business pages for some reason, with an estimated ship date of a few days from now, so something strange is going on.

Anyone know (or care to guess) what's up?

[Dell] Thanks, marvin02!

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14 thoughts on “Dell Streak "temporarily out of stock" at Dell Home, still in stock at Dell Business

  • This must be the end of the Streak 5 :( Truly a sad day…

  • Shame…Dell didn’t know what it had on its hands, then, linked it to at&t, who still has gaa-gaa eyes for the stupid iCrap, so there was no promoting it. I still love mine, but when it comes time to upgrade, unless Dell gets its act together, I’ll look elsewhere. Giving up that 5″ screen will be hard, but some are coming with 4.7″ screens, which will be close enough, as long as there is SUPPORT from the vendor and the mod community. DJ_Steve has done an incredible job giving this thing life, but I’m sure even he sees the handwriting on the wall.

  • Damn it’s a good thing I bought a Red Dell Streak for my mom on thursday! phew she would have been mad if i told her they were out of stock!

  • I went to the dell site and could not find this but it does look like a new version of the streak is out looks to me like it has 32gb memory and hspa+ maybe not sure along with a new price of $200 with contract and 650 without and the unlocked version is gone….please someone double check this

  • if you click on the “select” tab it only gives you an option for $399 unlocked 16gb version (only on the business side)and it the same old version. nowhere does it say its hspa+.

  • Hmmmmmmm, can it be possible Dell is withdrawing the Dell Streak 5 to flash them with Gingerbread?

  • I think we should all be patient to follow what the roadmap had shown us months ago. You have to clear out old inventory best you can before the next/new rollout. I still have hope and will wait for a few more months till I hear about a leak from Dell re: Opus One.
    Thanks Jenn!

  • The Streak (in black only) is available on both the professional and general-public sides of the Dell-France site.

  • Well, just tried ordering through the business site, but ship date is estimated 8/4/2011. Maybe the supply of some components were affected by the Japanese tsunami? Anyway, it looks like they’ll be shipping next month.

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    My bet is a lack of components, or slow sales. Too early to be clearing out inventory for a new device,And with this being the only mainstream 5″, there has to be a market for it. However, 4.7″ might be acceptable, we have almost a year to wait for opus, and other interesting stuff keeps coming out. I saw the Best Buy mockup of the Keyocera Echo the other day.Maybe cheap and gimmicky, but interesting.
    we’ve come a long way since the Radio Shack pocket computer in the early ’80s. What’s next? BRING IT ON! Peace

  • Avatar of tried it, sent it back...

    Dismal sales due to a crappy screen a horrible battery and an unstable system is the reason. stop glorifying a rotten excuse for a tablet phone.

    DellMobility agents are useless morons who couldnt find their ass from a hole in the ground.

    die in peace, piece of crap

  • This could be a definite sign that a new updated Dell Streak 5 is coming out soon. It is definitely time for an update to arrive. They either have to kill the 5 completely ( I hope not ! ) or update/refresh it.

  • On the Dell business site it is now showing a ship date for both the Red and Black Dell Streak 5’s of 08/08/2011….

  • I heard they still had a large stock a couple of weeks ago. No way they sold them. I wonder if they were sent to India for the large marketing push they just started there. I have still heard mutterings from a few Dell employees about a second Streak 5 without phone capabilities in the works. If it does ever happen hopefully DJ Steve or some other genius will be able to unlock that feature, like the hidden phone capabilities they found on the 7 inch.


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