Do you have 3G problems with 4G phones?

Thunderbolt-charges Have you got one of these two smartphones? If you do, you're probably living in a 4G area and absolutely loving it. You're likely getting some incredibly fast data speeds and life could not be better. 

Perhaps until you get into a 3G-only area, that is. With my three 4G-equipped smartphones, which are an HTC Thunderbolt and two Samsung Droid Charges, I hardly ever get any bars in my city. We have 3G on every carrier and pretty decent service everywhere, so it just makes me really upset that just because my city doesn't have 4G coverage, I can't get my 3G connection very well. This kinda goes hand-in-hand with my blue screen experiences on one of my Charges. The Thunderbolt does get a little better of coverage around town, by about two bars on some occasions, but it's the Charges that I see the most problems with. Really, it's kind of disheartening. The Thunderbolt is $249 on contract, while the Charge is a whopping $299 for the same plan. Why do they have to be so buggy? 

It could just be my experiences with them, but I'm not so sure, especially with my already-existent problems with the Charge. Have you experienced any problems with either of these devices? Let me know in the comments.

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