What does Ocosmos OCS9 pre-release sale tell us about the OCS1?

OCS1 (250x159) OCS9 (250x155)

I'm sure you all remember the Ocosmos OCS1 and OCS9 we saw at CES 2011. Well, they may be available soon.

Back in January, Engadget reported that the OCS1 would not be available until late 2011 or early 2012, while Ubergizmo pegged the first half of 2011 for its release. The unpocketable OCS9, on the other hand, was scheduled for a third quarter release.

Recent developments indicate that the timetable for the OCS9's release was fairly accurate, which is a promising sign that the OCS1 may still be on track too. You see, in May, Ocosmos through its subsidiary Ocosui announced a pre-release sale of the OCS9; a month earlier, several Korean business sites reported that it would be available in June.

Considering the release of other Oak Trail devices like the Fujitsu Q550, these developments certainly suggest that the OCS9 being widely available soon. I hope the same is true for the OCS1.

As a refresher, the OCS1 and OCS9 are gaming-focused PCs sporting 1.5GHz Intel Oak Trail processosr, 32/64GB SSDs, 2GB RAM, dual cameras, and Windows 7. The OCS1 has a 5-inch capacitive touchscreen, while the not-for-Pocketables OCS9 has a 9-inch one. In addition to size, major differences between the devices include the OCS9's unique folio that holds an extra battery and a separate capacitive keyboard, and the OCS1's availability in both slate and modular styles.

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