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Create personalized text icons for HTC EVO with Simple Text

SimpleText icon Back in January, we covered the Strictly Words icon pack that allowed users to create a more minimalist look on their HTC EVO home screens.

I probably lost a good hour at work sifting through the pack and changing the look of my EVO. The only issue I quickly discovered was that I was using apps not included in the pack and had to resort to using substitute labels.

But no more! With Simple Text – Text Icon Creator, I can create my own text icons in minutes. And so can you.

What used to require hours of scouring boards for samples or subscribing to a certain artist's collection can now be done on your own in a few quick steps.

The Simple Text – Text Icon Creator app can be found for free in the Market and gives you quite a few options. You can choose from a few different pre-loaded styles and can also save new templates for future use. While there are a couple images in the Market, here are some screenshots taken on my wife's EVO to give you a better idea of the UI.

Simple Text Screen 1 Simple Text Screen 2

The app is extremely useful for those of us that like the look but don’t have a ton of graphic design background or software available. Up until now, like many others, I was dependent upon someone else to create an icon for some of the more random apps I use. Now, I can name them more specifically and my docks and homescreens have a more personalized feel; I don't have to use a generic "that will work" label anymore.

My only frustration comes when trying to adjust the slider bars for things like resizing text or selecting a color. They are quite touchy and it takes a little finesse to get them to do what you want. Your fingers will learn quickly though.

Simple Text Screen 3 Simple Text Scree4n
Simple Text Screen 5 Simple Text Screen 6

Simple Text is easy to get around in and within minutes, you can have all the icons you want for your niche apps. The app will work with any home screen/launcher replacement since all it does is create .png files and store them in a folder on your SD card. You can load up text icons in your docks or on the homescreen to your heart's content.

Happy creating!

SimpleText QR code

Links: Market (web) | Market (EVO)


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