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Fight for planetary control in Battle for Mars on HTC EVO

BattleforMars Make sure you get your ass and HTC EVO to the red planet in Battle for Mars, a turn-based strategy game by Larva Labs.

A clone of the ever popular Advance Wars found on the Nintendo Gameboy Advance, the game charges you to be a general in charge of an army in a fight for control of Mars. An invading alien force has changed the climate of Mars and so it is up to you to fight using soldiers, robots, hovercraft, and spaceships. While creating these different units your enemy, or enemies, will also be producing units with your destruction in mind. It will take all your skills to utilize terrain and resources effectively in order to achieve victory.

Battleformarsqr Good strategy is the key to victory as not all units are able to stand toe to toe with others. No sense in sending a soldier to fight a spaceship. As you advance your units in turn, you can either fight with enemy units or even capture enemy buildings to turn them to your side and use them against their creators.

With fights occurring in the mountains, forests, and seas of the newly terraformed Mars, it will be hard to predict how the tides of battle will crash on the 12 campaign maps as you both vie for each other's demise.

The game include 17 unit types, 6 different buildings, and 3 different enemy races each with its own special powers in campaign mode. There are also 13 quick play maps to help keep everything fresh and provide more bang for your $4.99 in this app.

See you at the party, Richter!

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