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Fre3vo temporarily roots HTC EVO 3D

This guest article was written by graham722.

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Things are moving at supersonic (pun intended) speeds on acquiring root for the HTC EVO 3D. Last week, we learned that Team Win had discovered an exploit and quickly developed the first stock rooted EVO 3D ROM. And today, perhaps in honor of Independence Day here in the US, Team Win has rolled out fre3vo, a "temp-root acquiring tool" that gives us access to a root shell," and introduced fre3dom, a "tool being developed to enable S-OFF on the EVO 3D."

The permanent root we're all waiting for isn't out yet (although it might be by the time you read this), but the developers at xda have been quickly writing scripts to make the temporary root—fre3v— almost as easy as one-button root. The one that I personally used to temp root my EVO 3D was a script created by xda member J.eremy.

So what does "temporary root" mean, anyway?

It means that whenever you reboot the phone, you lose it. With J.eremy's script, you simply re-run it and get root back. No flashing experimental ROMs required.

I won't repeat the five easy steps verbatim, but all you do is download the zip file and extract it, enter the folder (cmd line if you're using Windows OS, or terminal window in a Mac), do a chmod, plug in your phone, and run the script.

Oh wait, I did repeat it—that's all there is to it. Mac and Linux users have to have ADB in their path, but further in the thread J.eremy makes that seamless as well by attaching the mac binary and holding your hand on executing it.

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The script automatically installs Superuser and Busybox and has a completely user-friendly menu. Select option 2, wait a couple seconds, select option 3, and you're done.

Now, you may wonder why the fuss when the EVO 3D is likely to have permanent S-OFF root very soon. Personally, I've been anxious for root so I could restore all my  contacts, which were foolishly not backed up to Google, and application data from Titanium Backup on my now-dead EVO 4G. I could wait for most of it, but not having the contacts has been killing me. Now, I have root, and at least for me, it's working great. Titanium Pro got superuser rights and I restored years worth of contacts. I also put Root Explorer on and tested WiFi Tether, which isn't working; Barnacle WiFi  is, though, so it may just be an app-related issue with WiFi Tether.

Big, big win for Team Win and props to J.eremy for this script. I have rebooted and re-run the script a dozen times, and so far I have not lost superuser between boots. So if you're as anxious for root as I was, give it a go at the links below.

[xda-developers: Fre3vo guide | J.eremy's script]

This guest article was written by graham722.

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