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Get 4-in-1 reboot mod back on rooted HTC EVO 4G running stock Gingerbread ROM

4way reboot A lot of HTC EVO 4G users out there succumbed to the tempation of the words "OTA update" and are now stuck in the perils of unrooted sadness (as compared to the awesomeness of rooted goodness). If you are one of the wise EVO 4G users who remained rooted and stuck with a rooted stock ROM (post-Netflix fix), you may be missing an old feature from previous ROMs: the 4-in-1 reboot mod.

Ah, yes, how many times have you wanted to turn off your phone and do that awkward power button + volume up combination to get into recovery? If you answered zero, you are probably like me and love the way that the 4-in-1 reboot mod (available on many EVO ROMs by default) makes getting to recovery or the bootloader much easier. 

If you like that stock-y feel on your rooted EVO but still want the awesome 4-in-1 reboot mod, EVO 4G user ca1ne has made an easy flashable .zip to make rebooting a breeze.

Just make sure your ROM is based off of the 4.24 OTA, is deodexed, and has Busybox installed. Toggle Signatures off (in recovery) when flashing because the .zip isn't signed yet. Also make sure to do a Nandroid backup first (tutorial here).

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