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Google-plus-start When I reviewed Google+ the second day it was out, I also took a look at the Android app of the same name. It was fantastic; being able to connect to this particular social network through an app, versus a mobile version of the site, was incredible. No other platform could offer the same thing. 

Until now, that is. On Tuesday of last week, Apple's App Store submissions team finally accepted the Google+ iPhone app into the app store, giving iPhone owners the same awesome connectivity on their phones as their Android brethren had been enjoying since that platform's app was released. 

With the backstory out of the way, let's get into the review of the iPhone variant. Is it better than the Android version? Would I rather still just connect over the internet versus opening this little app? Read on past the break to read on, and to look at some pretty pictures of the app itself.

Google-plus-home After you've signed in with your Google credentials, you're taken to the main home screen of the Google+ app experience. Here, you can access six different areas of the social network: the Stream (Wall,) Huddle (chat,) Photos, Profile, and Circles (groups.)

This may look pretty darn familiar to you. If it does, then you have a fantastic memory. This is the exact same screen that you will find on the Android app. Nothing has changed, expect for the top 10% of the screen, which is tailored to iOS' GUI. Other than that, if you've used the app on Android, you'll find yourself right at home on the iPhone. 

Speaking of the GUI, it's dead simple to navigate around this app, and it's very intuitive, as well. Reminds me a lot of the Facebook app, but this is Google+; what doesn't remind you of Facebook?

After you get past the aforementioned minor UI differences, it's basically the same exact app as Android's. Things work wonderfully and exactly as they should for a social networking app. It's a great download, and it's free. So if you've got a Google+ profile and an iPhone, this is a must have. 

Oh yeah, and in case you were wondering, +Calob Horton. You're welcome to add me. 

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