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Google Voice now offers smart spam filtering for HTC EVO

Google-voice-logo I've been a huge fan of Google Voice since the beginning, and with its native integration with Sprint, Google Voice has now become my one-stop communications hub for all my calls and text messages. Previously, I even figured out how to use Google Voice to turn my HTC EVO into a completely functional WiFi-only phone, and I'm now so obsessed with Google Voice that I have even redirected all text messages to the Google Voice Android app, completely forgoing the stock messaging app on my EVO.

I'm therefore thrilled by Google Voice's newest feature, global spam filtering, which can automatically filter unwanted calls and texts straight to the spam folder, even if you have not previously marked these numbers as spam. According to Google, their new filtering system is based on the usage of other Google Voice users who flag certain "spammy numbers" and who later correct mislabeled spam.

And in case you are worried about missing legitimate calls and texts, it's fairly easy to unblock individual numbers. This does require that you periodically check your spam folder, though.

In any case, I have enabled this new feature in the Calls tab of my Google Voice settings, thus forgoing the need to download any additional call filtering apps on my EVO. Combine this new spam filtering with free call screening, free transcribed voicemail, free conditional and unconditional call forwarding, incoming call recording, and effortless syncing of text messages and call logs on my phone and on the web, and we have a real winner here.

Indeed, this newest feature is making me enjoy having Google Voice on my HTC EVO all over again. If you use Google Voice on your EVO, be sure to enable this new feature on the web and let us know how it's working out for you!

[Google Voice Blog]
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15 thoughts on “Google Voice now offers smart spam filtering for HTC EVO

  • Avatar of Vicente D.

    I guess it is time for me to give Google Voice a try because I get quite a few of spam calls.

  • I just utilized the same features today; however, there are still so many flaws to google voice that prevents me from utilizing/integrating it with my HTC Evo, specifically how buggy it becomes when you choose to unlink google voice from your phone. This action caused my phone number to no longer be recognized by my phone and my phone to no longer accept or make calls. Also, my voicemail was no longer intact.

    These are very fatal things, especially if you use your phone for work. However, if the decision is made just don’t unlink your phone. Luckily I was rooted and I had a nandroid backup from 5 days ago.

    I’m going to wait a bit longer before trusting Google Voice again.

  • Read the comment I posted below…just as a word of warning

  • In the past, I’ve integrated, de-integrated, and re-integrated Google Voice and my Sprint account, all with no ill effects. My phone also works with or without Google Voice actually installed on my phone, so I’m not sure I follow the issues you were having. Could you go into a bit more detail?

  • I actually like using the standard messaging system on my HTC EVO 3D because it works well when I want to quickly glance at my last messages with someone from the contact card in the people app. But I also like the transcription from Google Voice so what I did is turn on “receive text messages” in my phone settings on Google Voice (which is not turned on by default) and now I get the best from both worlds.

    I can send and receive texts and MMS normally thru the standard messaging app and Go ogle Voice still keeps track and transcribe all my messages! Just to clarify, the beauty of this is that when I receive texts, I can check them in either Google Voice our the regular messaging app!

  • Don’t you get duplicate notifications of txt messages like that tho?

  • Sorry for the vagueness,

    I had an easy fix of just restoring to a previous backup; however, here’s a more detailed description of the same thing happening to another person and the end result being to factory reset and re-provision your voice line.

    Hopefully this trouble is just a rare occurrence and I was just unlucky (or lucky since I’m rooted and have a previous backup)

  • Thanks for the info. I’ll try it out. I’ve been happy with Google Voice so far. I’ve had a few issues with SMS msgs not being received by people and other minor issues, but so far I haven’t been able to point the finger at Google Voice with any certainty and nothing has happened repeatedly.

    I’ve been using it for voicemail for about a month and for text msging for a couple weeks. I didn’t like it when the call screening was auto enabled when I switched to the Sprint Integration. But I did figure out how to disable it. I just wish that they would improve the widget and add more flavors of widgets.

  • I too LOVE Google Voice with Sprint. That is now my only number for everything. It’s almost like my Sprint phone is completely built into my Google Apps account. I could spend all day at my office desk without my actual Sprint phone and use it all day anyway.

    After integrating with Sprint, I don’t even need a GV app on the phone at all. I can listen to voicemail a number of other ways, including long-pressing #1 on the dialer, and text just works in the phone’s messaging app and/or online with GV and Gmail. Everything both ways is recorded/logged in GV online.

  • I’ve been using Google Voice for quite a while now. It’s freaking nice that when I get a message (usually when I’m in somewhere loud or quiet) I can read somewhat of a transcription of the thing and not have to step out to take it

  • Avatar of Evo3Duser

    Google voice hmmm! So now the government can easily listen to our conversations and read texts too in addition to looking up our search history whenever it wants? I’m sure Google is storing all those calls on its servers somewhere.

  • Frank you do get dups which is a drawback. I wish GV did MMS which we all know is probably the only negative IMO to using GV solely for text messaging. can’t beat being able to still text while in front of your pc.

  • If the govt wants to listen to anyone’s conversations or read texts, you can be sure they can do that regardless of whether you use google voice or not :)

    With google voice, you should probably be worried about google being able to figure out your choices/taste and your contact information etc, and what they can/might do with that information..

  • Avatar of Voice of Wisdom

    This happened to me… all I did was call Sprint and they reprovisioned the phone line and reset the voicemail for me.

  • Avatar of Voice of Wisdom

    They do MMS now… it just goes to your phones regular sms box. But it works flawless


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