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Google Voice now offers smart spam filtering for HTC EVO

Google-voice-logo I've been a huge fan of Google Voice since the beginning, and with its native integration with Sprint, Google Voice has now become my one-stop communications hub for all my calls and text messages. Previously, I even figured out how to use Google Voice to turn my HTC EVO into a completely functional WiFi-only phone, and I'm now so obsessed with Google Voice that I have even redirected all text messages to the Google Voice Android app, completely forgoing the stock messaging app on my EVO.

I'm therefore thrilled by Google Voice's newest feature, global spam filtering, which can automatically filter unwanted calls and texts straight to the spam folder, even if you have not previously marked these numbers as spam. According to Google, their new filtering system is based on the usage of other Google Voice users who flag certain "spammy numbers" and who later correct mislabeled spam.

And in case you are worried about missing legitimate calls and texts, it's fairly easy to unblock individual numbers. This does require that you periodically check your spam folder, though.

In any case, I have enabled this new feature in the Calls tab of my Google Voice settings, thus forgoing the need to download any additional call filtering apps on my EVO. Combine this new spam filtering with free call screening, free transcribed voicemail, free conditional and unconditional call forwarding, incoming call recording, and effortless syncing of text messages and call logs on my phone and on the web, and we have a real winner here.

Indeed, this newest feature is making me enjoy having Google Voice on my HTC EVO all over again. If you use Google Voice on your EVO, be sure to enable this new feature on the web and let us know how it's working out for you!

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