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How are HTC EVO users adopting Google+?

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One of the more prominent features built into HTC Sense is the social networking integration it provides, seamlessly tying into your calendars, contacts, etc. Some see this as an advantage to using Sense while others use it as fuel to criticize the UI while pushing for a vanilla-flavored Android OS. Given that fact, we thought it would be worthwhile to ask the HTC EVO community how or if it is making any attempt to jump to the new Google+ platform.

In case you have not looked into the new Google service at all, here is a Google+ Project: Explore Circles”>peek at Google+ Circles

, just one facet of the Google+ Project. From there you can check out more to your heart's content.

After a few weeks of usage, I have found it both very exciting and maddening. Having been indoctrinated into the Facebook and Twitter worlds, the different jargon had me confused for a bit. Once I got my head wrapped around it better, I've found the services Google+ offers to be quite useful. The instant upload feature is one that is particularly promising; it's an extension of the Picasa platform and related tools previously covered by G&E that have provided users with similar abilities.

Will Google+ overtake Facebook as the dominant social networking platform? I doubt it. At least not now. Things may change when or if Google decides to do more to really integrate the Google+ infrastructure (linked contacts, etc.) into a possible future update to Android (pure speculation at this point). What do you think? What have your experiences been? What are you hoping this platform becomes?

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