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How to improve call quality on HTC EVO 3D

Tincanphone One of the biggest complaints I've heard about the HTC EVO 3D is that call quality is just not up to par with other phones, especially the first-generation EVO 4G. And while this is most likely something that HTC will be able to fix in a future update, many people simply don't have the patience and want to know how they can fix it now.

Yesterday we showed you how to access a hidden menu on your EVO 3D to boost your 3G data speeds. In this same menu, you can also enable a newer, more advanced voice codec that reportedly improves both incoming and outgoing voice quality. Since you're in there anyway tinkering with your phone's data connection, why not give this a shot?

As a reminder, you will need your phone's MSL number before you can change these settings.

  1. On your phone dialer, enter ##3282# (that's ##DATA#).
  2. Press Edit Mode.
  3. Enter your unique MSL code as your password.
  4. Press Advanced.
  5. Press EVRC-B, select Enable, and hit OK.
  6. Press Home Orig, select EVRC-B from the list, and hit OK.
  7. Press Roam Orig, select EVRC-B from the list, and hit OK.
  8. Press the Menu button and select Commit Modifications.
  9. Wait for your phone to reboot.

This method is not compatible with older Airave models or with all roaming partners, so make sure you have written down your original settings in case you ever need to revert back (both Home Orig and Roam Orig were originally set to EVRC). However, for the vast majority of us, this is an effective way to improve lackluster voice quality until HTC (hopefully) addresses this in a future update.

How is your voice quality on the EVO 3D? Have you noticed any differences after applying this tweak?

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