How to install CyanogenMod7 on the Nook Color

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We’ve all heard before about how good of a tablet the Nook Color is. Perhaps it’s the excellent build quality, fantastic IPS display, or just the bargain bin $250 price point. Of course the Nook Color is running its own custom version of Android that Barnes & Noble had developed for their eReader. It’s a nice little operating system, albeit extremely limited. Even though B & N opened up their own market to developers, for obvious reasons it isn’t exactly building up a huge database of applications. So for those of you looking to get a little Gingerbread on your eReader, look no further than this very simple YouTube video outlining the steps to take care of the hack.

I performed this on my own Nook Color and it was a breeze. Installation time shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes or so. Cyanogen has done an excellent job making up for the lack of Android hardware buttons on the NC. The status bar and some soft buttons have been shifted to the bottom of the screen, similar to Honeycomb. Performance is very good and is actually snappier than Honeycomb in some areas. You also get the full Android Market with a couple hundred thousand apps compared to Honeycombs 200 or so. Hit the jump for the full video from huskermania, who I assume is from Nebraska (U.S.).

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