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How to keep those pictures and videos on your HTC EVO private

No picture We all have our reasons. Sometimes you don't want your buddies to see that picture a certain lady friend just sent to your HTC EVO. Maybe you have photos from your past you don't want your children to see, but would show an old friend in an instant. As I'm sure we were all told at one point or another, "If you wouldn’t show it to your grandma, should really it be on your HTC EVO?"

But let's be honest. We put it on our EVOs anyway. Usually, we bank on luck and hope that our friends don't stumble upon that picture, album, video. You know they probably won't see it, but oh my god, what if they do!? This could mean public humiliation, a scolding from your parents, incarceration! (Just kidding about the last option.)

But now, thanks to a few apps, you never have to worry about these files being seen by prying eyes again Keep reading to see the apps that will save your ass!

PhotoVault ($1.00): Market (EVO) | Market (web)


Most of you probably have a license to this app via Amazon's Free App of the Day promotion. This is a nifty little app for the beginner, but necessary for the advanced file hider too. This app is nice because it requires a password to see certain pictures on your phone. Not only that, but it hides the pictures from the default Gallery app. This is a clutch win/win.


You enter your password and…


Smart App Protector Free (free): Market (EVO) | Market (web)

Smart app prot

This is a great app (and it's free). It has many features but the one I will focus on is the ability to "lock" apps. Once again: clutch. You get to block ten apps in the free version. If you simply blocked Market, Gallery, and all file managers, you would probably be safe.

But it can be tedious having to unlock Market and it will probably be left unlocked. This leaves a loophole in the blocking system for video files. There is no good video "hiding" app like PhotoVault. So, what do we do if we have videos to hide?

QQPlayer (free): Market (EVO) | Market (web)

Qqplayer qr

This is a free video player replacement. There are others out there, but I chose this app because it supports .AVI file formats (most of the time). If you import your videos in a format that the EVO can't play by default, you can use QQPlayer to play the file.

Simply use Smart App Protector to block this app. You can still view online videos, Netflix, and recorded videos just as perfectly as before. But you have to use a separate, protected app to view your secret videos. This is especially great if the videos are in a format that the EVO does not support by default. Now, if somebody uses a file manager to click on the video, they will have no way to play it.


All right, maybe I went into too many details and I may seem a tad paranoid at this point. But, if you are like me and want to protect vital files on your EVO from being viewed from unwanted people (or anyone besides you), you now have a solution!

Let us know what steps you take to hide pictures and videos on your EVO.

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