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How to preview new HTC EVO boot animations on your computer

Capture Changing the boot animation on your HTC EVO can sometimes be hassle. Although the process is relatively simple (tutorial here), it can still be hit and miss, depending on the ROM you're using and sometimes even just luck. And sometimes after you flash a new animation, you decide you don't really like it after all. Or maybe you've made your own animation but aren't sure how it will look on your phone.

Fortunately, an Android dev named despotovski01 has created a great tool appropriately called the Boot Animation Preview that allows you to preview the boot animation on your computer so that you don't have to go through the full installation to check it out.

1. Download Boot Animation Previewer, install it on your computer, and open it.

2. Choose how many folders contain your boot animation and then click Finish choosing.


3. You will now need to set how many times you want the images to be looped. A value of zero means infinite.


4. Click Preview your boot animation button to see your boot animation in a preview window just like it if it were on your EVO.


5. Close the window when done. If you want to preview it again, click the Reset Values button in the upper-left corner of the toolbar to avoid errors.


And that's all it takes for you to check out that spiffy new animation without having to actually put it on your EVO.

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