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Share 3D pics with other HTC EVO 3D users with TwinPic

Twinpic One of the only things that is still lacking on the HTC EVO 3D is a way to seamlessly and effortlessly share all the 3D pictures you are taking with your other EVO 3D-toting friends. Sending MMS is out of the question, as the stock messaging app will automatically convert your 3D images to 2D. Sharing on Flickr, Peep, and Facebook for HTC Sense is the same, and uploads to Picasa will fail. Sharing in Gmail or the official Facebook app will simply result in two side-by-side 2D pictures.

Enter TwinPic, a new app developed by Team Win, the same developers that have given us temporary root on the EVO 3D and continue to work vehemently towards a permanent root solution.

Once TwinPic is installed on your EVO 3D, all you have to do is open it, link it to your current Google account, tell all your friends to do the same, and start sharing! The app uses Google's own push notification service, so you should not experience any extra battery drain. All picture formats are supported (2D and 3D), and sharing can be done through your phone's stock gallery app.

When you receive a picture from a friend, you will receive a push notification, and the picture will also open in your stock 3D-capable gallery app. The app will also save all of your history, so it's easy to see everything you've received, as well as forward pictures and reply to your friends.

This app is so easy to use, it's a shame that it wasn't a standard feature already on the EVO 3D. Luckily, we have a creative and hard-working group of developers to bridge any gaps that exist, so download it now and start sharing your 3D photography right away.

Thanks, rockypr9!

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