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HTC EVO 3D stars in new Sprint ad touting unlimited data

Our beloved HTC EVO 3D has made an appearance in Sprint's latest television commercial, which touts its unlimited data plans over AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.

The ad points out that both AT&T and Verizon charge extra for going over 2 GB of data, while T-Mobile "claims they're unlimited, but use your phone a lot, and they slow down your data speed." This ad also comes at the same time that Sprint's prepaid division, Virgin Mobile, is revising their data plans to throttle speeds after 2.5 GB.

In any case, it is promising that Sprint is still very publically promoting their unlimited, un-throttled, and uncapped post-paid data plans, which allow customers to use smartphones such as the EVO 4G and EVO 3D as they were intended. We can only hope this recent commercial also implies that Sprint has no plans in the foreseeable future to restrict their unlimited data plans.

[Android Police]
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12 thoughts on “HTC EVO 3D stars in new Sprint ad touting unlimited data

  • What a joke!!!! Sprint needs to hurry up and get 4G to everybody before they keep claiming more stuff!!!!! It’s been over a year and I still have yet to see an area that has good coverage with there so called 4G. My brother has Verizon’s Thunderbolt and that LTE is no joke. Blows the Sprint 4G out the water. Yes granted he pays a little more, but at least he gets what he pays for. We are paying this extra premium for what? So that we can claim a 4G device that gets it in certain places and when we do it drops in and out.
    Sorry needed to vent about this. Yes I know that everyone is not in the same boat. Either way sprint needs to step up their game if they want to rule supreme….

  • lol too bad sprint does throttle….they do it to me every month. But their still the best so no complaints from me

  • Sigh. The $10 is *not* for 4G. It’s because these phones use more data – period.

    That said, they are now charging the extra $10 for every smartphone and I’m glad they are finally saying that the plans are $79 instead of unlimited for $69 (plus $10 extra in fine print).

  • How can a phone use “more” data if the data plan is already unlimited?

  • Avatar of cheapskate88

    You should probably call them and figure that out… I use around 8GBs per month and I’ve never been throttled.

  • My touch pro 2 was a smartphone. They did not start charging extra untill they announces 4G. Period! I am not going to start a debate here nor beat a dead horse. But what I am saying is I have a 4G device that lacks its 4G service, and paying extra for the same service that I had previous to upgrading. I can see using more data if on the 4G service but that is not the case for me as I am sure for alot of other folks out there. So SPRINT where’s MY 4G?????

  • My 3g speeds in South Jersey are so slow that they resemble dial up speeds if not slower. I love my 3d but they need to step the speeds all the way around. Sprints 4g will not expand until they switch to Lte and then my evo 4g and 3d will be useless for 4g as they already are to me.

  • What’s this about Verizon capping at 2 GB? I’ve been using 5-7 GB a month on my Droid X since I got it 11 months ago.

  • Avatar of biker1

    Sprint says Unlimited Data, but 4G is not available in most areas, and when it is, it is very erratic.
    In addition, many are noticing slower 3G speeds.
    The $10 Surcharge was for 4G, when it first rolled out.
    Sprint has since undergone many ways to describe this surcharge, eventually charging the surcharge on most devices, so the surcharge is no longer called a surcharge, except my many of us who know better.
    If I could get consistent 4G, I’d gladly accept the surcharge. I wish I could just get consistent 3G.
    The devices use more data was a propaganda statement as an excuse for the surcharge.
    The HTC Diamond I had prior to my Evo 4G used a lot of data, but 3G only.
    The surcharge was specific to 4G, which most of us never have seen on a consistent, non battery draining basis.
    Personally, I think Wimax Never existed. It is like a Ghost in the Night,

  • Avatar of biker1

    With the above being said, hopefully sprint stays with its unlimited data, even if it’s data on a ‘can and a string.’
    But Ye has little faith in thy Sprint.


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