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HTC EVO 4G+ selling for $55 with unlimited data contract in Korea


If you were already sickened by last month's debut of the HTC EVO 4G+—more commonly known as the 3D-less version of the EVO 3D—because it was headed to South Korea instead of the US, then you might want to grab a bucket and hold your hair back.

KT/olleh offers the 1.2GHz dual-core smartphone with eight different service plans (two-year contract) ranging from about $33 to $90 per month. The cost of the phone varies according to the selection, with the $90 premium service getting subscribers the EVO 4G+ for free, but the mid-range i-Value plan (default choice) is a great deal too. For 55,000 won (~$52), customers get unlimited data and 600 minutes for calls per month . . . and they only have to pay about $55 for the EVO 4G+, no trade-ins or rebates required.


Evo-4g+ In addition, anyone who purchases the phone from now until the end of the year gets their warranty boosted from one to two years.

There's still no evidence that the EVO 4G+ will be released in other countries or that the EVO 3D will ever make it to Korea—it's already going to Europe—but it sure would be nice for everyone to get both.

Maybe Sprint will release the 4G+ as the EVO 2 at CES 2012; it unveiled the EVO Shift 4G at CES 2011 (about six months after the EVO 4G was released), so anything is possible. Of course by then a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, qHD touchscreen, 1080p video recording, 8MP rear camera, 1.3MP front camera, 1GB RAM, and MHL port will be last year's specs.

And let's not forget that with another GSM variant of the EVO 3D passing through the FCC recently, there's always the possibility that the 4G+ could be brought to the US by a carrier other than the Now Network.

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Special thanks to Kim and Terry for translating the images!

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