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HTC EVO users emote as Sprint Playbook leaks the return of mail-in rebates, TEP, and more


The latest leaks of the Sprint Playbook have surfaced and will leave some HTC EVO users crying and others happy depending on which items pertain to you.

It seems that Sprint reps have been told to offer overrides for Silver customers who would have been eligible by July 31st for items such as the yearly update if you recently lost it and had it been due before the end of the month.

Starting June 24th, the TEP, Total Equipment Protection, will increase from $7 to $8 and the ERP, Equipment Replacement Program, will increase from $4 to $5. Also of note is the open enrollment for the TEP program during the month of August if you initially declined it when you first activated your phone.

One item that makes me cry in particular is how pricing that converts all mail-in rebates into instant savings at the point of sale when buying a new phone will be ending. This means that mail-in rebates are coming back and that you will be receiving a prepaid AMEX card instead of a check in the mail. Say goodbye to no longer having to shell out the cash for your phone all up front and praying that your rebate goes through.

Hopefully everyone can find some happiness amongst the sadness.

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