HTC Flyer comes to the rescue while traveling


The HTC Flyer saved the day as my family and I headed out on a camping trip this week. We packed up Sunday night to leave Monday morning and I decided to pack light. For me, this meant that my HTC Flyer would be on the list to come along.

I also brought along my iPad 2 and so did my wife. As we traveled, my wife realized that she forgot to pay our JC Penny credit card bill. Well, we thought, no problem. My wife fired up the iPad 2 and proceeded to use the Safari browser to log in and pay the bill. Unfortunately, the JC Penny website wouldn’t allow her to log in to pay her bill on the device. This is not the first time I have run into this type of problem with iOS. It has put me in a bind in other situations before.

So I pulled out my HTC Flyer and fired up the Dolphin HD browser and was able to log in and pay the bill with no problem at all. Maybe iOS is not the right OS when it comes to actually getting some things done? I still feel it has some great advantages, but the more I run into these types of situations, the more I appreciate Android and my Flyer.

Just this morning before we were heading out for a hike, I got a call from our office that we needed to get some server setting changed for one of our email accounts. Long story short, the iPad 2 failed and again the HTC Flyer saved the morning.

The Flyer went into my backpack and continued to be part of the planning for daily activities. I checked email and logged in back home without a hitch.

I am convinced that you need the right tool for the right job and a 7-inch device is much more than just a media player as some might think. It's a good thing that we brought our heavy duty sweaters because there's plenty of snow and I've got an easy way to carry what has become my essential Flyer.

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Hector Gomez

Hector Gomez is a former contributing editor at Pocketables.

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