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HTC Flyer ROM hopes to turn HTC EVO 4G into mini tablet

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About a month and a half ago on G&E, the EVO 4G met a new family member, the HTC Flyer (the EVO View's WiFi-only sibling). When one examines the screenshot above, it appears that I was messing around with the Flyer's home screen. But in actuality, it was taken on my rooted EVO 4G. 

The unnamed ROM is currently in the work-in-progess stage (i.e., not worth flashing, except for testing), but once it gets more development put into it, I could see this being many EVO users' daily driver. 

Many EVO fans out there have made the big upgrade to the EVO 3D. Some unfortunate souls, like myself, are doomed with the OG EVO as their main phone (note my sarcasm – I friggin' love this phone!). Now, what about those who upgraded to the EVO 3D, but have decided not to cough up their EVO 4G? Do you keep it looked up in a case until you smash your EVO 3D? Do you sell it on eBay or risk getting scammed on Craigslist?

Nah, once this Flyer ROM is fully developed, you can turn that OG EVO into a mini tablet. 


No, the screenshot didn't get cut off. This is just a young ROM created by first-time dev Justinswidebody.

Even though the ROM isn't ready for daily use, I tried it out and was fairly pleased with the results. There's also a new 160dpi version that has some sizing issues fixed. Obviously there is some major resizing that needs to go on, but the 3D carousel works beautifully – and yes, in landscape mode.

Another nice feature is the Sense 3.0 notification menu (seen above) that EVO 3D owners already enjoy. Once this is resized properly, many EVO 4G users will be able to take advantage of this feature too.


WiFi and the stock browser app are broken, and the messaging app is hard to use with the sizing issues. But it appears the developer is hard at work trying to resolve these issues. 

Now, I use my OG EVO for many things, but at the end of the day… my EVO is my phone; I need it to be solid. But if it ever became my back-up phone, I could see myself throwing a more complete version of this ROM on it.

It will give you all the features of the Sense 2.1/3.0 combo included with the Flyer and EVO View. But for now, I would recommend sticking with another Sense 2.1/3.0 ROM like Synergy or MikG v2 on your EVO unless you can't stand living without the awesome landscape homescreen. I wonder if there will ever be a way to use the HTC Scribe digital pen on the EVO 4G with this ROM.

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