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HTC responds (again) to alleged defect in HTC EVO 3D

Htc-logo We first reported two weeks ago of a possible defect in some HTC EVO 3D units involving overheating and/or charging at abnormally high voltage levels. After reaching out to HTC and Sprint, HTC simply told us that our concerns had been passed along and that no further information could be released. Sprint, on the other hand, refused to even acknowledge the existence of a potential problem, stating simply that "[t]his is not an issue nor has it been brought forward by any customers to date."

For obvious reasons, many of you did not find these answers satisfactory. Fortunately, HTC has reached out to us again to put at least some of our fears to rest.

In an official statement released to G&E, HTC stated:

Quality of HTC's products are of paramount importance to us. We have received and investigated a very few customer concerns about the operating temperature of the HTC EVO 3D and have found all devices to be operating within normal operating parameters.

In addition, according to HTC spokesperson Jeff Gordon, "[t]he EVO 3D actually uses a 4.35v battery, so at that voltage it's operating normally … If, however, the EVO 3D is overheating at 4.35v, then there's an issue. We've tried to replicate this on several devices in the office – including devices that were returned due to overheating – but without success."

So it seems as if this overheating issue is not as widespread as we originally suspected. However, if you are one of the few who is experiencing overheating issues with your EVO 3D, we would still encourage you to discuss your concerns with Sprint directly and inquire about the possibility of a warranty exchange.

And in any case, those of you who are noticing that your phones tend to charge at levels slightly over 4.2 volts no longer need to worry.

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