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HTC responds to concerns about HTC EVO 3D camera lens cover vulnerability

EVO 3D camera lens Worry about scratching the camera lens on your new EVO 3D? So do I.

On this, the HTC EVO 3D's three-week anniversary, I thought I would do some digging for some additional non-case methods to protect my EVO 3D's camera pod. I came across some information written before the 3D's launch in response to public concerns about the possibility of the relatively enormous camera lens cover getting scratched. I can't be the only one who missed it the first time it went around, so I'd like to highlight it now.

Basically, HTC issued a direct and informative response to the concern about the lens. They wouldn't reveal the materials used in the lens cover due to proprietary reasons, but they did go out of their way to "abuse" it to test its durability.

That should put users at ease about casually setting the phone down on a counter but what kind of testing did HTC really do?

To quote the HTC engineer:

Here at HTC Technical Support we like to break things so we know how to fix them. We normally don't apply this logic to the camera lens of an unreleased device but we made an exception for you. I have attached two images to this ticket. This is the result of three agents actively trying to scratch the lens. Without going completely berserk we were able to create a tiny scratch on the camera lense cover but to do this one of our agents went way, way beyond normal use – like your keys rubbing against it in your pocket, etc.

You can actually tell in the 8 megapixel image that we were able to scratch the paint at the edge of the lense cover with our attack on the device, however the only scratch we were able to make on the cover itself (on the bottom right of the bottom lense) was so minor my camera didn't register it.

Evo 3d 8mp scratch test  Evo 3d Scratch test 2

So there you have it folks. According to the manufacturer, we can stop (or at least decrease) our worries about this wonderful dual camera creation we're carrying around in our pockets.

I don't think I will go so far as letting my EVO 3D run around naked, but it definitely is good to know that HTC knew what they were getting themselves into with the design and therefore used the appropriate materials.

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