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HTC smartphone sales beat estimates, but HTC EVO 3D has "real thunder"

Htc-logo Bloomberg reported yesterday that HTC smartphone sales are still going strong, beating analyst estimates and consistently breaking their own month-over-month sales records. And as HTC races to become the world's fourth largest producer of smartphones, just after Samsung, Apple, and Nokia, their massive growth seems mainly to be fueled by an increasingly massive Android-powered portfolio in the US, which includes phones such as the HTC EVO 3D and EVO 4G.

While HTC will make their complete earnings announcement tomorrow, they have released certain sales figures early, including second-quarter revenue of $4.3 billion with over 11 million units shipped. These numbers reflect sales that have more than doubled year-over-year, and this stellar growth is expected to continue into the third quarter.

One analyst smartly noted that the "real thunder in HTC's US portfolio right now, however, is the EVO 3D for Sprint. It's packed with bleeding-edge technology from top to bottom, and beats the Sensation 4G when it comes to catering to high-end users looking for unlimited 4G data." Indeed, if you are looking for the latest dual-core 3D Android-powered technology, and you are a more data-centric user, Sprint is currently the only carrier that has announced at least some kind of commitment to providing unlimited, unthrottled data for the foreseeable future.

Coupled with this unlimited data from Sprint, the new EVO 3D and the year-old EVO 4G, which still boasts strong sales in spite of its age, make it a good time to be a Sprint subscriber.

[Bloomberg via Infosync]
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15 thoughts on “HTC smartphone sales beat estimates, but HTC EVO 3D has "real thunder"

  • Avatar of Dnomyar220

    With Sprint getting involved deeply with Google integration, I’m not surprised to see that they still have unlimited data. New features in Google+ (such as instant photo upload) seem to cater more towards the unlimited data plans. I bet if this Google/Sprint relationship continues, so will unlimited data. And possibly a Sprint exclusive at the next Google phone, eh?

  • Great to hear sprint getting props as its well deserved. I only wish the EVO 3D had a bit more to offer. I don’t have the same feeling I had when I owned my Evo 4G as having a quality phone. I’ve had problems with call quality, the device holding a good GPS signal, and the Screen size (Its a bit more Narrow then the 4G) has turned me off. Not to mention I’ve used the 3D 0%.

  • If the AT&T-Mobile thing goes through, I think it’d be pretty wild if Google just outright bought Sprint!

  • The EVO 4G had plenty of growing pains as well. Many features didn’t work properly until patches were released or non-HTC devs wrote code to support them many months later. I imagine that HTC will be putting out a couple big patches for the EVO 3D over the next few months.

    It isn’t always a bad thing to wait a few months after release to pick up a new phone :)

  • This is a great article, but will they take into account the fact that if the boot loader is still locked close to the 30 days there will be quite a few EVO 3ds headed back.

  • I love my Evo 3d it truly is the best device on the market. It’s sad people just don’t get the picture..This does the evo brand well. people will find out…Htc has proven themselves


  • Here is a little fuel for the flame…..You know what city won the Google high speed internet…..Kansas City…..Overland Park is located on the outskirts of KC. I have been surprised at the lack of attention this has been getting. I think it is a real possibility.

  • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but the 3d does everything I thought it would as a successor to the 4g and if you aren’t using the 3d then you are missing out. Got some nice pics and video of my gf that I love to watch in 3d.


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