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Keep track of your beer drinking with Brewster for HTC EVO

Brewster The ginger malty finish of a Shiner Ruby Redbird is currently satisfying my thirst as I write this post. Once finished with this brew, I will be grabbing my HTC EVO so that I may log it in as consumed and delicious thanks to Brewster by Thex Interactive.

If you're a beer hunter, it can be hard to remember which beers you had and also whether it was even worth drinking. Brewster gives you the ability to log in which beer you drank, how many you had, and rate just how tasty you thought the beer was on a five-star scale.

Not just limited to being a counter and rater, Brewster gives you the ability to track where you had a particular beer with the convenient map function. These notes and map tags are then sharable with friends and even strangers so that you can see what others nearby thought about the same beer or even different beers that they might be imbibing.

Brewster is different in one way that most beer tracker apps fail. Unlike other apps where you are limited to beers entered by the developers, Brewster allows you to enter any beer so you can easily keep track of those seasonal, small batch beers at your local brewpub or restaurant.

Free on the Android Market, Brewster has over 10,000 beers to date and the list is growing daily thanks to feedback from its users.

Now that my beer is finished, let us know what you like to drink as I crack into a Ayinger Celebrator and enjoy the rest of my night. Prost!

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Bruce Eaton

Bruce Eaton is a former contributing editor at Good and EVO, which was merged into Pocketables in 2012.

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10 thoughts on “Keep track of your beer drinking with Brewster for HTC EVO

  • Avatar of Dave from Rockford, IL

    Great App! If your beer isn’t there, the entries are simple and only require the ability to read the bottle.

  • I’ve been using it for several months and find it helpful and bug free.

  • Avatar of ChumbleSpuzz

    Shiner Ruby Redbird? Really? Sorry, but beer should not taste like fruit, especially grapefruit!

    Personal tastes aside, I’ll have to give this a try at my local craft brew pub (200+ beers) where I seem to forget what I liked and didn’t like.

  • It’s a terrific summer beer. It’s not too fruity.

  • Anyone use this and Untappd? I’ve been using Untappd for a while and I like it. I’m wondering if this is any better, or easier or has a larger community?

    I like the Untappd can post to FB, Twitter and Foursquare. But none of my local friends here in Nashville are using Untappd.

    I tried Beerby and didn’t like it at all.

  • Avatar of Chris Lane

    Not bad, but they definitely need to update it for higher resolution devices….takes up only 2/3 of scree on evo 3d.

  • I’ve been looking for an app like this for awhile, but I’ve gotta wonder: why does it need read my contact info?

  • Have you actually had a Ruby Redbird? It has a ginger taste that is mellowed by the grapefruit. I agree about not tasting like grapefruit, which is the dominate flavor in most Belgium beers, along with coriander which I find gross.

    If you want a beer’s beer, go for Shiner Black, Deschute’s Black Butte Porter, Asahi Dark (from Japan), Lagunita’s Undercover Shutdown, Widmer’s Broken Halo.

    In case you can’t tell, I drink a lot of beer.

  • Great idea for an app, but this one has a ways to go. hopefully it makes it and can gain traction because there are no decent apps right now to track and rate all the different beers that are available.

  • Avatar of ChumbleSpuzz

    Being from Texas I’ve tried all the Shiners. Just not my personal taste. To each their own. I like your choice of beers. To that I would add anything from Oskar Blues (you’d like the Ten FIDY) and Southern Star Buried Hatchet Stout. Some of the best beers come in cans!


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