Kickstarter spotlight: PenMoto, round two

PenMoto is basically a system consisting of a ring with two magnets that connect with a coupler for pens and styli in order to have a quick and easy way to put away the pen on the back of your hand when using a keyboard. From a tablet point of view, this is a way to use your tablet’s touchscreen with a stylus and quickly switch to using your fingers without having to put down the stylus every time.

The original PenMoto project was canceled due to having little chance of reaching the funding goal after a few weeks on Kickstarter. The project’s creator took what he learned from the experience and spent a couple of month perfecting the idea, and have now relaunched the project.

In this improved project listing, the funding goal is cut almost in half. Rings are now one size (or rather two sizes, but both are included) fits all both for the finger and the pens, which is a huge improvement over the very limited comparability range of the original couplers. The pledge levels have also been simplified, essentially being narrowed down to a US and one international pledge level. That’s also a big improvements over the old version which had various bundles and material choices.

Hopefully the project will succeed this time around, as I think it’s a great idea and a product that has a lot of potential. It’s already 10% there with 38 days to go, so head over to the product page and get in on the action to make sure it gets made.



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Andreas Ødegård

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